One Book, One Utah

What if everyone in Utah read the same book, and then came together to have a conversation?

One Book, One Utah is a statewide book club that invites all Utahans to read a common book with local themes and then come together virtually to enjoy, reflect, and discuss. The program aims to bring Utahans closer together during this time of distance and adversity.

Our first book is Virga & Bone: Essays from Dry Places by Craig Childs. 

Childs is a writer and adventurer who dwells upon desert icons—human, animal, and otherwise—in these essays. This is a deeply felt collection focusing upon a vivid series of images; a sheet of virga over Monument Valley, white seashells in dry desert sand, boulders impossibly balanced. Craig Childs delves into the allure of the land and the profound nature of the more-than-human.

The Utah State Library is sponsoring a special meeting with Childs on May 27th. You can register for the author talk at the Thrive125 website.

The book is available from the Utah State Library for the Blind and Disabled in both audio and Braille.



Join us as we celebrate 125 years of Utah statehood the library way!