Duplication on Demand FAQs

Late last year we began transferring all our patrons to a new program called duplication on demand. This exciting new program allows us to download multiple books on one cartridge at your request. We are working hard to transfer all our patrons to the new system.

There are many benefits to duplication on demand. You won’t have to wait for a title. If a book has been recorded, you can access it without placing holds or waiting on another patron. In addition, your cartridge can be tailored just for you. The combinations are endless! Imagine being able to listen to an entire series from start to finish, or getting everything you want to read without having to keep track of multiple cartridges.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions from patrons. We hope the answers will help you feel comfortable using the new system.

Q: What is the most important thing to understand about the new system?

A: The most important thing to remember is that you can call the library and talk with a reader’s advisor at any time. We are still here to answer questions, address problems, and make recommendations.

Q: Why did my player beep several time when I put in the cartridge and play something that wasn’t a book?

A: The cartridges contain a software update. The first time you put one of these new cartridges in the player, the software update is uploaded to your machine. The machine will beep during this process. After the upload you will hear a brief introduction to duplication on demand and instructions on using cartridges with multiple books.

Q: How many books will be on each cartridge?

A: We are starting by putting five books on each cartridge. We can put more or fewer books on the cartridge based on your wants and needs. Just call the library and speak with a reader’s advisor to adjust the quantity.

Q: How do I go to the next book on a cartridge?

A: When you get to the end if a book, the player will say “end of book.” Tap the green square play/stop button to move on to the next book. Tap the play/stop button again to begin playing the next book on the cartridge.

Q: Can I skip a book on the cartridge if I don’t want to read it, or I want to read the books in a different order?

A: Yes! You can read the book in any order you wish.  The cartridge has a bookshelf feature.  Hold down the green square play/stop button until the machine says “bookshelf.” Use the arrows to the left and right of the play/stop button to move through the books on the shelf. When the machine reads the title of the book you want to listen to, tap the play/stop button to select that book. If you need additional help call the library and one of our reader’s advisors can assist you.

Q: How do I order specific books, authors, or subjects?

A: Just continue using the same method you have been using; order forms, Talking Book Topics, email at [email protected], or calling the library to speak with a reader’s advisor. The only difference is you now have access to more titles on each cartridge.

Q: How do I return the cartridge?

A: It is simple. Just put it in the mail. There is a permanent sticker on the container that will bring it back to the library. No paper cards or additional packaging are needed.