Book Club – November 8

Our next book club discussion will take place Tuesday, Nov. 8, from 2 to 3 p.m. That’s Election Day, so don’t forget to vote! This discussion will take place via Zoom. You can join the meeting with your phone or your computer. We will be discussing two books.


Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

The narrator, a mentally impaired man of thirty-two, receives an operation to increase his learning ability. But although his mentality develops at high speed, there is always the possibility of regression. Tom says about this book:  “How do we treat those who are what are today called ‘slow learners?’  How do they feel?  And would happen if a ‘slow learner’ suddenly becomes too smart.  Do they fit in society any better?  Or are they just as misplaced?”


Christmas Roses by Amanda Cabot

Celia doesn’t need anything for Christmas except more boarders, which are hard to come by in this small Wyoming mining town. While she isn’t looking for a husband, she admits to her boarder Mark that she might remarry if she found a man who would bring her roses for Christmas.

For more information about our book club, including access to the zoom link, contact Paula Stuart. [email protected], 801-715-6757