Book Club – May 11

The next book discussion sponsored by the Utah Library for the Blind and Disabled will be on Tuesday, May 11, from 2 pm -3 pm (Mountain Time).

We will discuss 3 books.


Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years by Julie Andrews

The actress follows up her first memoir, Home (DB 66539), picking up her life story as she arrives in Hollywood. She recounts her work on musical films such as The Sound of Music, as well as her experiences as a wife and mother. Commercial audiobook. 2019.


The Honey Bus: A Memoir of Loss, Courage, and a Girl Saved by Bees by Meredith May

Recounts the author’s relationship with beekeeping, which began when she was five years old and living under the care of her beekeeping grandfather. Discusses how she used beekeeping as an escape from her troubled childhood and how it taught her about family, community, loyalty, and survival. Some violence. Commercial audiobook. 2019.


Virga & Bone: Essays from Dry Places by Craig Childs

A deeply felt essay collection focusing upon a vivid series of desert icons–a sheet of virga over Monument Valley, white seashells in a dry desert sand, boulders impossibly balanced. Childs delves into the primacy of our starkest landscapes and the profound nature of the desert. Virga and Bone is the first selection for One Book, One Utah. Check out our previous post on the One Book, One Utah program for more information.