LDS Materials


The library has a collection of books in audio or in braille relating to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Audiobooks are available on digital cartridge as well as available for download from our online catalog, along with other locally recorded books from around the country on SHELF.

These books are available on loan to eligible patrons living in the United States, who are registered with their local National Library Service cooperating library for the blind and are active borrowers from their cooperating library.

Readers may begin service by calling the Utah State Library for the Blind and Disabled: 801-715-6789 in the Salt Lake City area, toll-free inside Utah at 800-662-5540 or toll-free outside Utah at 800-453-4293.

LDS Materials Available
There are downloadable audio files of LDS materials such as the scriptures and lesson manuals from the Media Library of website.

LDS Magazines available on Digital Cartridge
The Ensign Magazine is available on digital cartridge along with the New Era and Friend magazines.

All Church magazines are included on one digital cartridge. Each month the cartridge needs to be sent back to the LDS Church, to reload the next month's issues. At the end of the year, you may keep the cartridge that includes all issues of the magazines for that year.

Patrons who receive the LDS Church magazines are also asked to keep their library service active by checking out or downloading at least one book per year from the library, or receiving an additional magazine subscription that qualifies them to keep the player. Receiving ONLY the LDS magazines does not qualify a patron to continue use of the borrowed NLS player.

To receive LDS magazines on digital cartridge, you may contact LDS Distribution at (800) 537-5971 or visit the Distribution website at or email

Search for LDS Books by Subject
To search for LDS books on cassette, on digital cartridge or in Braille, or a very limited selection in large print, use the Online Catalog - KLAS. Entering the library catalog takes you to the Basic Search screen. There you may search by author, title or subject.

To search the Library Catalog by subject, enter the letters LDS in the "Search For" field. In the "Search Index" field, click on Subject. Then, click on Browse Index. This will bring up an alphabetical list of about 300 subject headings for LDS books. The list also provides the number of titles for each subject heading. Click on a desired subject heading to bring up the list of books. You can limit the books by media (braille, cassette, digital book,etc.) by clicking on the Show Search Options button on the Basic Search screen. You can then order the books you want online or call the library with your selections. If you know a key word of the subject you want, enter the letters LDS followed by the subject key word in the "Search For" field. For example, entering "LDS faith" in the "Search For" field results in a list of at least 16 books on the topic of faith. Entering "LDS Hinckley" produces a list of at least 6 books about President and Sister Hinckley. Entering "LDS romance" brings up a list of at least 162 LDS romance novels.

To search for books that are downloadable, you may search by title or subject and put "Downloadable" in the "Search For" field. Click on the title you would like to download, and find the Document Link in the book record. You must be logged in with your patron number and password to be able to see this download link. To download the book, click on the document link and download the book just as you would on BARD. None of our locally recorded books are available on BARD, but are available through our online catalog.