Reach for the Stars – A New Podcast

This year the Utah Library for the Blind’s winter reading program is looking out into the stars and exploring the planet mars. The five selected books celebrate study, explorations, and what we have imagined about our closest neighbor—the red planet. For more information about how to participate in the winter reading program, “Once Upon a Time I Lived on Mars,” you can read our blog post announcing this year’s titles.

As you anticipate the January launch of winter reading you might want to check out a new podcast produced by the Maryland State Library called The Night Kitchen. The podcast features writer, storyteller, musician, and street astronomer Josh Urban. Urban shares his life-long fascination with the skies and introduces listeners to the size and look of space, shooting stars, the basics of backyard astronomy, and all the weird stuff that exists in the universe. Listen to the first episode on the Maryland State Library’s website.  You can also find new reads by checking out the additional reading list posted in the episode descriptions.