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Updated 1/28/16

Digital Cartridge Magazines | Cassette Magazines | Large Print Magazines

Current issues of the following magazines are available through the library, free of charge. Digital cartridge magazines and cassette magazines require special Library of Congress players, which may be borrowed from the library.

Readers are required to return these digital cartridges for reuse. NLS produced magaine cartridges are blue in color and arrive in red containers. Locally produced digital magazines are on mint green cartridges in gray containers.

New magazine cartridges received by readers may contain more than one magazine. Readers will need to use the bookshelf feature on their digital players to access their magazines. Please read and return magazine cartridges as soon as possible. Readers are allotted a specific number of magazine cartridges at one time based on the frequency of the magazine. Weekly maghazines should be received back at the producer within 3 weeks. Monthly magazines will be considered overdue after 6 weeks. Failure to return magazines in a timely manner can result in magazine service being deferred. Digital cartridge magazines produced by the Library of Congress are also available for download from BARD.

Please call the library, or e-mail us at blind@utah.gov to order magazines.

Digital cartridge, cassette and large print magazines are available to all library patrons living in Utah and Wyoming. The LDS (Mormon) magazines on digital cartridge are available to all patrons registered with the Utah State Library for the Blind who live in the United States.

Patrons of other Libraries for the Blind in the United States should contact their local regional library to determine which magazines are available.

Digital Cartridge Magazines

AARP/AARP Bulletin. (bimonthly/10 issues/year)
AARP is published bimonthly, AARP Bulletin is published 10 issues per year. These will be bundled as a single subscription. (BARD)

Alaska. (10 issues/year)
Life on the last frontier. Brings both the beauty of the Great Land and its incredible story with every issue.

American History. (8 issues/year)
This historical journal presents scholarly material for a general audience with attention to social, educational, and cultural trends in our past. (BARD)

Analog Science Fiction. (13 issues/year)
Short stories, novelettes, and features with science fiction themes. (BARD)

Asimov's Science Fiction. (11 issues/year)
Short stories, novelettes, and features with science fiction themes. (BARD)

Atlantic. (11 issues/year)
Articles on politics and current issues, fiction by contemporary authors. (BARD)

Audubon. (bimonthly)
Nature enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and socially conscious consumers can discover, connect with, and be inspired by the natural world's extraordinary beauty and diversity. (BARD)

(Das) Beste aus Reader's Digest. (10 issues/year)
German language edition of Reader's Digest, with first person articles, profiles, opinion pieces, and other general interest articles. (BARD)

Bon Appétit. (monthly)
"America's Food and Entertaining Magazine" features articles on gourmet fare and also contains a section on light and healthy cooking. (BARD)

Choice. (quarterly)
An anthology of unabridged articles from print magazines such the New Yorker, the Atlantic, Esquire, and Smithsonian. (BARD)

Consumer Reports. (monthly)
In-depth articles that rate consumer products tested for quality, durability, and safety. Also contains general interest articles on such topics as health and money management. (BARD)

Contemporary Sound Track. (bimonthly)
A sampler of articles from national magazines concerned with pop, jazz, rock, and country music. (BARD)

Cowboys and Indians. (monthly)
An American magazine that focuses on the Western lifestyle. Each issue features western photography, travel, art, food, history, music, ranch life, celebrity profiles and much more. (BARD)

Cricket: The Magazine for Children. (monthly)
Stories, poems, and articles by internationally known authors, as well as songs, jokes, and crafts. For ages 6-12. On one cartridge with National Geographic Kids. (BARD)

Diabetes Forecast. (monthly)
Diabetes, nutrition, health care, and research findings. Published by the American Diabetes Association. (BARD)

Discover: The World of Science. (monthly)
Articles and news on ecology, natural history, science and technology, and medicine as well as book reviews, puzzles and award announcements. (BARD)

Ebony. (monthly)
Articles on food, dress, leisure, travel and personalities, with emphasis on the achievements of African Americans. (BARD)

Economist. (weekly)
Insights and opinions on international news, politics, business, finance, science, and technology. (BARD)

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. (11 issues/year)
Contains twelve to fifteen mystery stories by top writers in the field and by new, previously unpublished writers. (BARD)

Foreign Affairs. (bimonthly)
Statesmen, diplomats, and scholars analyze issues and trends in international politics, law, and economics. (BARD)

France-Amérique. (biweekly)
This French language periodical covers French news and culture and news of the French-American community in the U.S. (BARD)

Good Housekeeping. (monthly)
Articles on family and home management, with features on food and decorating. (BARD)

Health and Nutrition Newsletters. (monthly)
Articles on medical conditions of special interest to older adults; nutrition information, ways to maintain good health from Dr. Andrew Weil's Self Healing, Healthline, The Johns Hopkins Medical Letter-Health after 50, and Nutrition Action Health Letter. (BARD)

Horticulture. (8 issues/year)
Trends, products, and projects for the amateur American gardener. (BARD)

Humpty Dumpty. (6 issues/year)
Humpty and his crew of schoolyard friends lead the way as kids, ages 5-7 explore stories, games, puzzles, activities, and more. (BARD)

JBI Voice. (10 issues/year, on loan)
Articles on Jewish culture, current events, and literature from the Jewish Braille Institute.

Magazine of the Month. (monthly)
Designed to provide a limited substitute for news stand browsing. Readers are sent a different sample magazine each month. (BARD)

Missouri Conservationist. (monthly)
Provided by the Missouri Department of Conservation, focuses on educating the general public on issues pertaining to the conservation and management of Missouri's natural resources. (BARD)

Money. (15 issues/year)
Articles on money management, consumer problems and family profiles. Includes news and advice on jobs, taxes, social security, investments, products, and services. (BARD)

Muse. (9 issues/year)
This is a physical and space science magazine for young adventurers, ages 10-16. (BARD)

Musical Mainstream. (quarterly)
Selected articles from national magazines about classical music, music criticism, and music teaching. Also lists new NLS music acquisitions. (BARD)

Nation. (weekly, biweekly July - August)
Articles by national figures on such topics as foreign affairs, local and national politics, education and law. Also features regular reviews of books, theater, films, and the arts. (BARD)

National Geographic. (monthly)
Articles on world geography and cultures. Includes features on expeditions, plant and animal life, space exploration, and ancient history. (BARD)

National Geographic Kids. (monthly)
Articles for children about people, places, customs, animals, and plant life. On one cartridge along with Cricket. (BARD)

National Geographic Traveler. (monthly)
The world's most widely read travle magazine. With insider tips and fascinating stories. (BARD)

National Review. (biweekly)
Presents a conservative viewpoint on business, politics, economics, and other subjects. (BARD)

New York Times Book Review. (weekly)
Literary articles and book reviews from the Sunday New York Times. (BARD)

New Yorker. (weekly)
Features selected material from the print edition of reportage, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry. (BARD)

O, The Oprah Magazine. (monthly)
Information and inspiration, including experct advice, style ideas, health tips, relicious recipes and more. (BARD)

Oklahoma Today. (bimonthly)
Covers the food, people, places, history and culture of Oklahoma.

Outdoor Life. (8 issues/year)
Adventures and experiences of hunters and fisherman, information on conservation and game laws, and reports on sporting equipment and techniques. (BARD)

People. (weekly)
News and articles about and interviews with celebrities. (BARD)

People en Español. (weekly)
Spanish language edition of People magazine. News and articles about and interviews with celebrities. (BARD)

Piano Technicians Journal. (monthly)
Technical magazine covering all areas of piano technology and tuning. (BARD)

Playboy. (monthly)
Entertainment for men, featuring humor, advice, party jokes; cutting edge fiction, revealing interviews with celebrated personalities, special insights into the world of sports, politics, business and the arts, tips on fashion, lifestyle, movies, books and music. (BARD)

QST. (monthly)
Official publication of the American Radio Relay League. Contains project-building ideas and news on all aspects of ham radio. (BARD)

Quarterly Music Magazine. (quarterly)
Selection of music magazines, each highlighting a different style of music. (BARD)

Reader's Digest. (monthly, direct mail)
Short articles, profiles, opinion pieces, political commentary, and other general interest topics. Articles may be condensed from other magazines. Also contains anecdotes, humor, and sometimes a condensed book.

Rolling Stone. (biweekly)
American popular culture in the arts and entertainment industry; record, video, audiovisual, and computer hardware reviews. (BARD)

Salt Lake City Magazine. (monthly)
Showcases the diversity of the capital city area and captures life in the city that is the crown jewel of the Intermountain West.

Seventeen. (monthly)
Beauty and fashion for young women; articles on careers, education, family, social relations and diet. Tailored for young women in their late teens and early twenties. (BARD)

Smithsonian. (monthly)
Science, natural history, art, archaeology, history, and ecology; events at the Smithsonian Institute. (BARD)

Sound and Vision. (10 issues/year)
Reports on new electronic equipment and media and music reviews, with emphasis on popular music. (BARD)

Southern Living. (monthly)
A sumptuous lifestyle magazine offering articles on Travel, Food, Homes & Interiors, and Gardens, as well as book reviews, profiles of prominent personalities, and special feature sections. (BARD)

Spider, the Magazine for Children. (monthly)
Stories, poems, jokes, and crafts for readers ages 6-9. (BARD)

Sports Illustrated. (weekly)
Covers sports worldwide with an emphasis on the major American spectator sports. (BARD)

Sports Illustrated for Kids
. (monthly)
Sports news and articles for ages 8 to 13. Features personalities, events, trading cards, youth stories, and controversial sports issues. (BARD)

Sunset. (monthly)
Covers travel and culture in the Americna West.

Talking Book Topics. (bimonthly)
Lists the newest books on digital cartridge available through the library. Includes books for adults and for children, separated into fiction and nonfiction categories. Also includes foreign language books and an index. (BARD)

Travel + Leisure. (10 issues/year)
Articles on vacation sites, with tips on food and photography. (BARD)

True West. (8 issues/year)
Nonfiction articles about the Old West, written by historians and western buffs. (BARD)

Utah Historical Quarterly Magazine. (quarterly)
Articles on Utah history, published by the Utah Historical Society.

Utah Valley Magazine. (monthly)
Information on arts, recreation, dining, business, sports, and community events. It also contains interviews with interesting people who live and work in Utah County.

Vanidades. (18 issues/year) (Spanish)
This Spanish language women's magazines covers Latino fashion, culture, arts, health, beauty and cooking. (BARD)

Vital Speeches of the Day. (monthly)
Each issue features speeches by individuals who have attained leadership in several different fields, such as ecomonics, politics, education, sociology, goverment and more. (BARD)

The Week. (weekly)
This weekly news magazine covers U.S. and world news, business, the arts, and more. (BARD)

Wired (monthly)
Articles on home computing and reviews of computer software and hardware. (BARD)

Writer. (monthly)
New and established writers discuss their craft. Regular columns feature trade news, contest information, and manuscript market details. (BARD)

Wyoming Wildlife. (monthly)
Nature magazine on the cowboy state.

Cassette Magazines

Newsweek. (weekly, direct mail)
National and international news and analysis, with features on current trends and personalities.

Large Print Magazines

Braille Book Review
. (bimonthly, direct mail)
Announcements of new Braille books added to the National Library Service collection. News and developments in library service for the blind and physically handicapped.

Musical Mainstream. (quarterly, direct mail)
Selected articles from national magazines about classical music, music criticism, and music teaching. Lists new NLS music acquisitions.

Reader's Digest. (monthly, on loan)
Short articles, profiles, opinion pieces, political commentary, and other general interest topics. Some articles are condensed.

See Note Newsletter. (semi-annual, direct mail)
Newsletter of the Utah State Library for the Blind and Disabled.

Talking Book Topics. (bimonthly, direct mail) Announcement of new talking books on digital cartridge added to the library's collection.

Other magazines available for free or on a subscription basis, may be found in the publication Magazines In Special Media. Please call the library to request this publication.

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