Utah State Library for the Blind and Disabled

Gentle Reads

July 2013

With wit, humor, and insight, these novels explore the everyday joys, frustrations, and sorrows of lives quietly led. Typically they involve the activities of a small town, a church, or a gathering of friends. Sex, violence and other passions are downplayed and never presented graphically. Once dominated by British authors, such as Catherine Cookson and Rosamunde Pilcher, American authors such as Jan Karon and Debbie Macomber, are now also extremely popular.

Gentle reads are found in many genres except horror and suspense thriller. Relationships and character development are important and the pace is usually slower. These stories can contain problems to solve or difficult situations to face, but the response is upbeat and positive. The books have a satisfying, if not happy, ending. 

Many authors write in series. This allows the reader to become involved with the characters as they explore the joys and hardships of everyday life. These books are enjoyed by readers who want a good story with wholesome characters who have positive values.

Some authors listed here, such as Faith Baldwin, Georgette Heyer, Victoria Holt, and Emilie Loring, don’t always quite fit the genre. However, Gentle Reads readers are likely to enjoy these authors.

The library has a Cozy Mysteries list similar to this for gentle reads in the mystery genre. Listed below are popular authors in the gentle reads genre. Arrangement is by author. A brief description of the author’s books is also provided.

DB is a Digital Book (DB books are also available for download on BARD)
RC is a Recorded Cassette Book
LP is a Large Print Book
BR is a Braille book

Alcott, Louisa May
Classic novels about the March family in New England in the mid 1800s plus other titles.

Little women. 1 March Family - DB058830, RC058830, LP001270, BR011778
Little men. 2 March - DB023646, RC023646, LP017536, BR012486
Jo's Boys. 3 March Family - DB025382, RC025382, LP015975, BR016184

Eight Cousins; or, The Aunt Hill. 1 Rose Campbell - DB045947, RC045947
Rose in Bloom. 2 Rose Campbell - DB045948, RC045948

An Old-fashioned Thanksgiving - RC009773, BR008552
Moods. DB034412, RC034412, BR008795
Louisa May Alcott Unmasked: Collected Thrillers - BR010285
Jack and Jill - RC049149, BR012554
The Quiet Little Woman; Tilly's Christmas; Rosa's Tale: Three Enchanting Christmas Stories - RC050119, BR012725
An old-fashioned girl - DB021095, RC021095
Under the lilacs - DB023649, RC023649
A double life: newly discovered thrillers of Louisa May Alcott - DB030348, RC030348
A Long Fatal Love Chase - DB041453, RC041453, LP009483
Louisa May Alcott's Fairy Tales and Fantasy Stories - DB042939, RC042939
The Inheritance - LP010610
Plots and counterplots: more unknown thrillers - RC018002
Louisa May Alcott: selected fiction - RC033781

Aldrich, Bess Streeter
Pioneer stories usually set on Nebraska prairies.

A lantern in her hand. 1 Lantern. DB024820, RC024820
A White Bird Flying. 2 Lantern. DB043586, RC043586, LP004698

Song of years - DB026677, RC026677, LP008755
Spring came on forever - DB026690, RC026690, LP012236
Miss Bishop - DB027021, RC027021, LP004699
The lieutenant's lady - DB035009, RC035009, LP012973
Mother Mason - LP013116
Journey into Christmas and Other Stories - DB044446, RC044446

Austen, Jane
Classic British novels of families in the early 1800s.

Mansfield Park - DB020403, RC020403, LP009939, BR008717
Emma - DB023490, RC023490, LP009938, BR008733
Sense and Sensibility - DB022282, RC022282, LP009937, BR011520
Pride and Prejudice - DB050549, RC050549, LP000587, BR011521
Persuasion - DB051057, RC051057, LP002910, BR012975
Northanger Abbey - LP003282
Sanditon - LP011151
Northanger Abbey, Lady Susan, The Watsons, and Sanditon - DB034170, RC034170, BR008766

Baldwin, Faith
Romance novels from the 1930s through the 1960s usually set in New York City or small New England towns.

A Job for Jenny - LP010389
Adam's Eden - DB011530
And New Stars Burn - LP005951
Blue Horizons - DB051815, RC051815
Breath of Life - LP010396
Career by Proxy - RC051301
Change of Heart - LP010247
District Nurse - LP008463
Enchanted Oasis - LP005977
For Richer, For Poorer - LP006387
Harvest of hope - RC016087, BR001200
He married a doctor - DB018899, RC018899, BR005101
The Heart Has Wings - LP005307
The Heart Remembers - LP010204
The High Road - DB051389, RC051389
Hotel Hostess - LP014239
Innocent Bystander - LP007597
Love Is a Surprise - LP014029
Make Believe - LP006503
Marry for Money - LP012979
Men Are Such Fools - LP013844
No Bed of Roses - LP010130
One More Time - LP010684
Rehearsal for Love - RC051744, LP010561
Rich Girl, Poor Girl - RC051355, LP007713
Skyscraper - DB060882, RC060882
Station Wagon Set - RC051285
Take What You Want - DB037285, RC037285
That Man is Mine - LP007212

Bender, Carrie
Christian fiction family and love stories in Amish country.

Whispering Brook Farm. 1 Amish - RC041336
Summerville Days. 2 Amish - RC046799
Chestnut Ridge Acres. 3 Amish - RC046800
Hemlock Hill Hideaway. 4 Amish - RC053022

Birch Hollow Schoolmarm. 1 Dora's Diary - LP014382
Lilac Blossom Time. 2 Dora's Diary - LP014587

Fruitful vine: 1 Miriam's journal - DB041118, RC041118
Winding Path. 2 Miriam's Journal - DB041119, RC041119
A Joyous Heart. 3 Miriam's Journal - DB041120, RC041120
A Treasured Friendship. 4 Miriam's Journal - DB055840, RC055840
A Golden Sunbeam. 5 Miriam's Journal - DB055851, RC055851

Berg, Elizabeth
Contemporary novels, usually romantic.

The Handmaid and the Carpenter - DB063114, RC063114, LP018459
Home Safe - DB069531, LP020445, BR018665
Range of motion - RCU08765, BR011234
Tapestry of Fortunes - DB076670
The Year of Pleasures - LP016882, BR016391

Binchy, Maeve
Contemporary Irish stories set in Dublin or small Irish towns.

Circle of Friends - DB033005, RC033005, LP006982
The Copper Beech - DB037015, RC037015, LP007661
Echoes - DB023818, RC023818
Evening Class - RC044308, LP010286
Firefly summer - DB028023, RC028023, LP006009
The Glass Lake - DB039883, RC039883, LP009073
Heart and Soul - DB068437, RC068437, LP020332, BR018107
Irish Girls about Town - LP015383
Light a Penny Candle - DB043536, RC043536, LP006630, BR017572
The Lilac Bus: stories - DB035332, RC035332, BR009077
London Transports - LP009261
Minding Frankie - DB072815, LP021537, BR019210
Nights of Rain and Stars - DB058933, RC058933, LP016749
Quentins - RC055054, LP014894
The Return Journey - RC051898, LP011015, BR011702
Scarlet Feather - DB051764, RC051764, LP013064, BR013352
Silver wedding - DB030761, RC030761, LP013711
Tara Road - DB047670, RC047670, LP011436
This Year It Will Be Different: A Christmas Treasury - DB043325, RC043325, LP009956
A Week in Winter - DB076309, LP022685, BR019902
Whitethorn Woods - DB063497, RC063497, LP018744, BR016882

Bristow, Gwen - Historical romances.

Calico Palace - DB022190, RC022190
Jubilee trail - DB033721, RC033721
Celia Garth - DB053091, RC053091
Tomorrow is forever - RC028289

Bronte, Charlotte and Emily
Classic 19th century English novels.

Jane Eyre - DB047868, RC047868, LP000362, BR010514
Emma - DB017797, RC017797
Shirley - DB020370, RC020370
Villette - DB022747, RC022747
Wuthering Heights - DB025178, RC025178, LP000813, BR011902

Burns, Olive Ann
Small town in Georgia in the early 1900s.

Cold Sassy Tree - RC035783
Leaving Cold Sassy: the unfinished sequel to "Cold Sassy Tree - RC039112

Cadell, Elizabeth
Historical and contemporary British romances.

Any Two Can Play - DB054591, RC054591, LP004391, BR004943
Home for the wedding - BR003912
The Blue Sky of Spring - LP001941
The Golden Collar - DB052123, RC052123, LP011961
Honey for Tea - LP004920
Iris in Winter - LP009835
Money to Burn - LP001865
Return match - DB013815, BR004152
Royal Summons - RC053359, LP001687
The marrying kind - RC015776, BR004522
The round dozen - DB012318, BR003898
The Yellow Brick Road - RC026683

Card, Orson Scott - Biblical Fiction

Sarah. 1 Women of Genesis - DB054294, RC054294
Rebekah. 2 Women of Genesis - DB054295, RC054295
Rachel and Leah 3. Women of Genesis - RCU08227

Chiaverini, Jennifer
Contemporary stories, sometimes with an historical background, about quilting friends in small-town Pennsylvania.

The Elm Creek Quilt Series:
An Elm Creek Quilts Sampler. 1-3 (The Quilter's Apprentice, Round Robin, The CRoss-Country Quilters) - DB065774, RC065774
An Elm Creek Quilts Album: 4-6 (The Runaway Quilt, The Quilter's Legacy, The Master Quilter.) - DB066629, RC066629
1 The Quilter's Apprentice - LP015373, BR012533
2 Round Robin - BR012935
3 The Cross-Country Quilters - LP013542, BR013571
4 The Runaway Quilt - LP014431, BR014349
5 The Quilter's Legacy - BR014817
6 The Master Quilter - LP016175, BR015399
7 The Sugar Camp Quilt - DB072248, LP016954, BR016137
8 The Christmas Quilt - DB072065, LP017518, BR016428
9 Circle of Quilters - DB072825, LP017872, BR016488
10 The Quilter's Homecoming - DB072296, LP018812, BR017288
11 The New Year's Quilt - DB066840, RC066840, LP019365, BR017646
12 The Winding 12 Ways Quilt - DB067126, RC067126, LP019701, BR017882
13 The Quilter's Kitchen - DB068353, RC068353, LP020109, BR018405
14 The Lost Quilter - DB068695, RC068695, LP020421, BR018296
15 A Quilter's Holiday - DB070312, LP020996, BR018840
16 The Aloha Quilt - DB071116, LP021209, BR018947
17 The Union Quilters - DB073218, LP021525, BR019338
18 The Wedding Quilt - DB074323, LP021973, BR019477
19 Sonoma Rose - DB075180, LP022118, BR019528
20 The Giving Quilt - DB075911, LP022514, BR019760

Cookson, Catherine
Contemporary (1950s-1980s) and historical romances and family storeis set in small English towns.

1 Hamilton - RCU06782, LP008211
2 Goodbye Hamilton - RCU06781, LP008313
3 Harold - RCU06780, LP008268

1 Kate Hannigan - DB055831, RC055831
2 Kate Hannigan's Girl - DB055832, RC055832, LP013817

1 The Mallen streak - RC053886, BR002200
2 The Mallen girl - RC051110
3 The Mallen Lot - RC053977, BR002798

1 A grand man - RC053521, LP001828, BR003542
2 The Lord and Mary Ann - RC053522, LP001922
3 The Devil and Mary Ann - RC053523, LP001962, BR003569
4 Love and Mary Ann - RC053524, LP000968
5 Life and Mary Ann - RC053525, LP002353
6 Marriage and Mary Ann - RC053526, LP002951
7 Mary Ann's angels - RC053527, LP003267
8 Mary Ann and Bill - RC053528

1 Tilly: A Novel - BR004703
2 Tilly Wed: A Novel - BR004839
3 Tilly alone: a novel - BR005046

1 Bill Bailey - LP008512
2 Bill Bailey's Lot - LP008513
3 Bill Bailey's Daughter - LP008514

Our John Willie - LP001401, BR002788
The whip - BR005573
The love child - BR009055
The Desert Crop - LP011437, BR012155
The girl - DB062304, DB010840, LP002955
The black velvet gown - DB021172, LP008210
The Parson's daughter - DB026200
Katie Mulholland - DB034861
My beloved son - DB036706
The Silent Lady - DB055468
The Invitation - DB060242
The Man Who Cried - DB060726, LP003721
Hannah Massey - DB060816, LP001545
The Cinder Path - DB061449
The Moth - DB061560
Feathers in the Fire - DB062877
The Blind Years - DB066973, LP014960
The Fifteen Streets - LP001430
Nice Bloke - LP001464
The Menagerie - LP001527
The Unbaited Trap - LP001544
Maggie Rowan - LP002257
The Garment - LP002465
The Invisible Cord - LP002529
The Gambling Man - LP002549
The Round Tower - LP004483
Go Tell it to Mrs. Golightly - LP008002
The Tide of Life - LP008449
The Rag Nymph - LP008555
Black Candle - LP008958
The Maltese Angel - LP008986
The Year of the Virgins - LP009342
The Golden Straw - LP009529
The Tinker's Girl - LP010280
The Obsession - LP010502
The Upstart - LP010825
The Iron Facade - LP012647
A House Divided - LP012665
Riley - LP013206
Justice Is a Woman - LP013406
The Branded Man - LP013557
A Ruthless Need - LP013736
The Bondage of Love - LP013962
The House of Women - LP014203
The Silent Lady - LP014386
House of Men - LP014412
The Glass Virgin - LP016910
The Cultured Handmaiden - LP017822
The dwelling place - RC015114
Miss Martha Mary Crawford - RC016485
The blind miller - RC019637
The round tower - RC019891

Copeland, Lori
Christian historical romances

1 The Heart's Frontier. Amish of Apple Grove - LP022341
2 A Plain and Simple Heart. Amish of Apple Grove - LP022535

1 Twice Loved. Belles of Timber Creek - LP020818
2 Three Times Blessed. Belles of Timber Creek - LP020682
3 One True Love. Belles of Timber Creek - LP021216

1 Faith. Brides of the West 1872 - LP013903
2 June. Brides of the West 1872 - LP014147
3 Hope. Brides of the West 1872 - LP014343
4 Glory. Brides of the West 1872 - LP014534
5 Ruth. Brides of the West 1872 - LP015887
5 Patience. Brides of the West 1872 - LP016546

1 Love Blooms in Winter. Dakota Diaries - LP022258
2 Under the Summer Sky. 2 Dakota Diaries - LP022682

1 The Peacemaker. Men of the Saddle - LP017900
2 The Drifter. Men of the Saddle - LP018292
3 The Maverick. Men of the Saddle - LP018293
4 The Plainsman. Men of the Saddle - LP019025

1 Outlaw's Bride. 1 Western Sky - LP021227
2 A Kiss for Cade. 2 Western Sky - LP021253
3 Walker's Wedding. 3 Western Sky - LP021409

Simple Gifts - BR017503
When Love Comes My Way - LP022404, BR020060
With This Ring: A Quartet of Charming Stories - DB050158, RC050158, LP011506
Roses Will Bloom Again - LP015437
Stranded in Paradise - LP015737
Mother of Prevention - LP017284
Yellow Rose Bride - LP018774
Monday Morning Faith - LP018805
Bluebonnet Belle - LP019342
Simple Gifts - LP019581
Someone to Love - LP020820
Tall Cotton - LP020983
Dancy's Woman - LP021498
A Man's Heart - LP021535

Dallas, Sandra
Historical novels set in the American West, sometimes with an element of mystery.

Alice's Tulips - LP013222
Buster Midnight's Cafe - RC032945, LP015976
Prayers for Sale - DB069184, LP020862, BR018622
Tallgrass - DB068342, RC068342, LP019046
The Bride's House - LP021666
The Chili Queen - BR014986
The Diary of Mattie Spenser - RC045356
The Persian Pickle Club - BR011261
True Sisters - LP022254
Whiter than Snow - LP021122

Edgerton, Clyde
Stories centered around a Baptists church in a Southern town.

Walking across Egypt - RC026187
Killer diller - RC034236

Evans, Richard Paul
Contemporary inspirational stories sometimes set in the American West, and sometimes set in Utah.

1 The Christmas Box - DB043556, RC043556, LP009396
2 Timepiece - DB043227, RC043227, LP009671
3 The Letter - DB044841, RC044841, LP010527

1 The Locket - DB047309, RC047309, LP011474, BR011852
2 The Carousel - RC051599, LP012648

1 The Walk - DB071348, LP021233, BR019058
2 Miles to Go - DB073358, LP021577, BR019429
3 Road to Grace - DB074858, LP022246, BR019513

A Perfect Day - DB059231, RC059231, LP015851
A Winter Dream - DB075963, LP022524
Finding Noel - DB064105, RC064105, LP018439
Grace - DB068794, RC068794, LP020158, BR018246
Lost December - DB074065, LP021956
Promise Me - DB072319, LP021411
The Christmas List - DB070292, LP020974
The Gift - DB067253, RC067253, LP019340
The Last Promise - DB058030, RC058030, LP014853
The Looking Glass - RC049474, LP012006
The Sunflower - DB061469, RC061469, LP017445

Ford, Jamie
Contemporary Seattle story with a World War II background.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - DB071540, LP020483, BR018465

Gallico, Paul
Stories from the 1950s and 1960s, often featuring an animal.

Love, Let Me Not Hunger - LP001451
Mrs. Arris Goes to Moscow - LP004055
Mrs. Arris goes to Paris - BR001351
Mrs. Arris, M.P. - LP004054
The Coronation - LP004029
The Hand of Mary Constable - LP001943
The Poseidon Adventure - DB057051, RC057051
The snow goose - DB054514, RC054514, BR014168
The Zoo Gang - BR001808
Thomasina - DB061582, RC061582

Goudge, Elizabeth
British family stories set in the countryside.

1 Bird in the tree - DB040782, RC040782
2 Pilgrim's Inn (Alternate Title: Herb of Grace) - DB012807, RC012807
3 The heart of the family - DB013768, RC013768

A city of bells - RC054388, BR003524
Island magic - DB012645
The scent of water - DB051360, RC051360
The Castle on the Hill - LP001510
The Middle Window - LP001523

Gulley, Phillip
A Quaker pastor and his congregation in a small town.

1 Home to Harmony - DB059650, RC059650, LP014467
2 Just Shy of Harmony - DB059880, RC059880, LP014611
3 Signs and Wonders - DB060560, RC060560, LP015321
4 Life Goes On - DB059412, RC059412, LP016516
5 A Change of Heart - DB064126, RC064126, LP017679
6 Almost Friends - DB063170, RC063170
Christmas in Harmony - DB060043, RC060043,
The Christmas Scrapbook - DB062595, RC062595
Front Porch Tales - BR012430

Heyer, Georgette
English historical romances, mostly Regency romances.

A Civil Contract. DB069761
An Infamous Army: DB071040
April Lady. DB069956
Arabella - DB076648
Bath Tangle - DB058647, RC058647
Beauvallet - DB073765, BR019437
Behold, Here's Poison - DB059427, RC059427
Black sheep - RC049351
Charity Girl - DB068244, RC068244, BR018450
Cotillion - DB066227, RC066227, BR017686
Cousin Kate - DB055928, RC055928, BR014566
Detection unlimited - RC013356, BR004084
Devil's Cub - DB059285, RC059285
Duplicate death - RC012081
False Colours - DB069102, LP002615
Faro's Daughter - DB067512, BR018116
Frederica - DB054995, RC054995
Friday's Child - DB069114, RC011941
Lady of Quality - DB069079, RC069079
My Lord John - DB070157, BR002882
No wind of blame - RC010288
Penhallow - DB047561, RC047561
Powder and Patch - DB059295, RC059295
Regency Buck - DB068499, RC011201
Sprig Muslin - DB062273, RC062273
Sylvester - DB059324, RC059324
The Black Moth - DB069136
The Convenient Marriage - RC010847, LP000853
The Corinthian - DB055091, RC055091, LP001715
The foundling - RC013281
The Grand Sophy - DB064160, RC064160, LP002477
The masqueraders - DB059222, RC059222, BR015708
The nonesuch - DB053345, RC053345, BR004224
The Quiet Gentleman - RC014153, LP007720
The Reluctant Widow - BR003910
The Talisman Ring - RC054901, BR001283
The toll-gate - RC010760
The Unfinished Clue - DB058282, RC058282, LP001251, BR015791
The Unknown Ajax - LP019287
These Old Shades - DB059553, RC059553
They found him dead - RC013603
Venetia - DB071680, BR018809
Why shoot a butler? - RC011185

Hill, Grace Livingston - Christian romances.

A daily rate - RC026518
A Girl to Come Home To - LP006824
According to the Pattern - DB033163, RC033163
All Through the Night - LP012527
Amorelle - BR003754
An Unwilling guest - RC026772
Ariel Custer - DB039998, RC039998
Astra - LP011594
Blue Ruin - DB069180
Brentwood - LP016389
Bright Arrows - DB066616, RC066616, LP012027
By Way of the Silverthorns - DB018349, RC018349, LP010562, BR004548
Cloudy Jewel - LP011354
Coming through the rye - DB039964, RC039964
Crimson roses - RC038463, LP002803, BR009682
Daphne Deane - LP016148
Happiness Hill - DB043415, RC043415, LP008465
Homing - LP008593
In tune with wedding bells - DB036841, RC036841, LP003842, BR009311
Katharine's Yesterday and Other Stories - LP011135
Kerry - LP012934
Ladybird - LP011689
Marigold - DB066517, RC066517, LP012776
Maris - LP017019
Matched Pearls - LP003768
Not under the law - DB035270, RC035270
Out of the storm - DB032883, RC032883, BR008395
Patricia - DB046888, RC046888, LP010683
Rainbow Cottage - LP015529
Re-Creations - LP010735
Rose Galbraith - LP008615
Silver Wings - DB036000, RC036000, LP007227, BR009161
Spice Box - RC045614
Stranger within the gates - DB032111, RC032111, LP003870, BR008393
The Best Man - LP011960
The Big Blue Soldier - LP008466
The Challengers - DB045402, RC045402
The Christmas bride - DB036789, RC036789, LP010453, BR009314
The girl from Montana - DB052056, RC052056
The Girl of the Woods - LP012405
The Gold Shoe - LP011774
The Man of the Desert - DB066774, RC066774
The Patch of Blue - BR010806
The Prodigal Girl - DB045797, RC045797
The Red Signal - LP011240
The strange proposal - DB040954, RC040954
The Substitute Guest - LP011466
The White Flower - LP011172
Time of the singing of birds - DB053682, RC053682
Where Two Ways Met - LP002801
White lady - DB033160, RC033160

Hoff, B. J.
Christian historical novels, mysteries, and romances.

Prelude. 1 American Anthem - DB057449, RC057449, LP015059
Cadence. 2 American Anthem - DB059179, RC059179, LP015770
Jubilee. 3 American Anthem - DB065764, RC065764, LP017951

Storm at Daybreak. 1 Daybreak - DB046590, RC046590, BR011674
The Captive Voice. 2 Daybreak Mysteries - DB046591, RC046591, BR011675
The Tangled Web. 3 Daybreak Mysteries - DB046592, RC046592, BR011676
Vow of Silence. 4 Daybreak Mysteries - DB046593, RC046593, BR011677
Dark River Legacy. 5 Daybreak Mysterie - DB046594, RC046594, BR011678

Song of the Silent Harp. 1 Emerald Ballad - RC041303, LP012682
Heart of the Lonely Exile. 2 Emerald Ballad - RC041304, LP013520
Land of a Thousand Dreams. 3 Emerald Ballad - DB041305, RC041305, LP013759
Sons of an Ancient Glory. 4 Emerald Ballad - RC041306, LP013964
Dawn of the Golden Promise. 5 Emerald Ballad - RC041307, LP014192

A Distant Music. 1 Mountain Song Legacy - LP018650,
The Wind Harp. 2 Mountain Song Legacy - LP018717
The Song Weaver. 3 Mountain Song Legacy - LP019307

Rachel's Secret. 1 Riverhaven Years - LP020291
Where Grace Abides. 2 Riverhaven Years - LP022739
River of Mercy. 3 Riverhaven Years - LP022657

Winds of Graystone Manor. 1 St. Clare Trilogy - RC044873, LP010200

Masquerade - RC045080, BR011270
The Penny Whistle - LP010081

Holt, Victoria - Gothic romantic suspense.

Bride of Pendorric - RC040924, LP001285
Daughter of deceit - RC033905
Kirkland Revels - DB054012, RC054012, LP001747, BRU07105
Lord of the far island - RC053827, LP001971, BR003047
Menfreya in the Morning - LP000892
Mistress of Mellyn - DB044443, RC044443
My Enemy the Queen - RC011903, LP002762
On the night of the seventh moon - RC015985
Secret for a nightingale - RC023918, BR006704
Seven for a secret - RC034041, BR008885
Snare of Serpents - RC031962, LP006456, BRU07104
The Black Opal - DB037315, RC037315, LP008124
The Captive - LP006438
The Curse of the Kings - DB055894, RC055894
The Demon Lover - DB018819, RC018819, LP004644,BR005255
The Devil on horseback - BR003760
The house of a thousand lanterns - DB033736, RC033736, LP001839
The judas kiss - RC018787
The king of the castle - RC054089, LP001294, BR000556
The Landower Legacy - RC021214, LP005464
The Legend of the Seventh Virgin - DB033327, RC033327, LP013645
The mask of the enchantress - RC015801, BR004615
The pride of the peacock - DB053899, RC053899, BR003348
The Queen's confession; a fictional biography - RC025321
The road to Paradise Island - RC022962, BR006329
The secret woman - DB026495, RC026495
The shadow of the lynx - RC033381
The shivering sands - DB033092, RC033092
The Silk Vendetta - RC026024, LP008960
The spring of the tiger - RC053504, BR004193
The Time of the Hunter's Moon - DB021760, RC021760, LP004986

Jewett, Sarah Orne
Stories of rural Main in the late 1800s.

A country doctor - DB031653, RC031653, BR008229
Best stories of Sarah Orne Jewett - DB029932, RC029932
The Country of the Pointed Firs and Other Stories - DB045218, RC045218

Karon, Jan
Novels about Episcopalian priest Father Tim Kavanagh of Mitford, North Carolina, and his congregation.

A Continual Feast 1 Father Tim's Quotes - DB062403, RC062403, BR016532
Patches of Godlight 2 Father Tim's Quotes - DB061575, RC061575, BR016529

Home to Holly Springs. 1 Father Tim - DB065431, RC065431, LP019539, BR017423
In the Company of Others. 2 Father Tim - DB072119, LP021360, BR019182

At Home in Mitford. 1 Mitford - DB044194, RC044194, LP010075, BR012269
A Light in the Window. 2 Mitford - DB044195, RC044195, LP010279, BR012270
These High, Green Hills. 3 Mitford - DB044196, RC044196, LP010326, BR012271
Out to Canaan. 4 Mitford - DB044958, RC044958, LP010433, BR012272
A New Song. 5 Mitford - DB048430, RC048430, LP011716, BR012273
A Common Life 6 Mitford - DB052101, RC052101, LP013061, BR013422
In This Mountain. 7 Mitford - DB054446, RC054446, LP014142, BR014211
Shepherds Abiding. 8 Mitford - DB057174, RC057174, LP015452, BR015108
Light from Heaven. 9 Mitford - DB062077, RC062077, LP017529, BR016375
Esther's Gift: A Mitford Christmas Story - DB055329, RC055329, BR014538
The Mitford Snowmen: A Christmas Story - RC053292, LP013702, BR013759

The Trellis and the Seed: A Book of Encouragement for All Ages - BR014978
Jan Karon's Mitford Cookbook and Kitchen Reader - DB063064, RC063064

Kinkade, Thomas
Residents of Cape Light, Massachusetts, and Angel Island confront life's problems.

The Inn at Angel Island. 1 Angel Island - LP021219
The Wedding Promise. 2 Angel Island - LP021576

Cape Light. 1 Cape Light - DB056704, RC056704, LP014464
Home Song. 2 Cape Light - DB056726, RC056726
A Gathering Place. 3 Cape Light - DB057487, RC057487
A New Leaf. 4 Cape Light - DB057967, RC057967, LP016110
A Christmas Promise. 5 Cape Light - DB064817, RC064817, LP016737
The Christmas Angel. 6 Cape Light - DB065644, RC065644, LP017593
A Christmas to Remember. 7 Cape Light - DB065572, RC065572
A Christmas Visitor. 8 Cape Light - DB074549
A Christmas Star. 9 Cape Light - DB075410
A Wish for Christmas. 10 Cape Light - DB075419
On Christmas Eve. 11 Cape Light - DB075583
Christmas Treasures. 12 Cape Light - DB075759

Lewis, Beverly
Life among the Amish in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

The Covenant. 1 Abram's Daughters - DB056398, RC056398
The Betrayal. 2 Abram's Daughters - DB056399, RC056399, LP016874
The Sacrifice. 3 Abram's Daughters - DB059512, RC059512, LP017466
The Prodigal. 4 Abram's Daughters - DB060280, RC060280, LP017836
The Revelation. 5 Abram's Daughters - DB060595, RC060595, LP018322

The Preacher's Daughter. 1 Annie's People - DB062283, RC062283, LP018357
The Englisher. 2 Annie's People - DB062875, RC062875, LP018539
The Brethren. 3 Annie's People - DB064146, RC064146, LP018898

The Parting. 1 Courtship of Nellie Fisher - DB066456, RC066456, LP019614
The Forbidden. 2 Courtship of Nellie Fisher - DB066753, RC066753, LP019700
The Longing. 3 Courtship of Nellie Fisher - DB068131, RC068131, LP020041

The Shunning. 1 Heritage of Lancaster - DB053518, RC053518, LP010626
The Confession. 2 Heritage of Lancaster - DB053519, RC053519, LP011087
The Reckoning. 3 Heritage of Lancaster - DB053520, RC053520, LP011232
The Postcard. 4 Heritage of Lancaster - DB054201, RC054201, LP011640
The Crossroad. 5 Heritage of Lancaster - RC055493, LP012730

The Fiddler. 1 Home to Hickory Hollow - DB074860, LP022186
The Bridesmaid. 2 Home to Hickory Hollow - DB075576, LP022475
The Guardian. 3 Home to Hickory Hollow - LP022735

The Thorn. 1 Rose Trilogy - DB072343, LP021374
The Judgment. 2 Rose Trilogy - DB073360, LP021557
The Mercy. 3 Rose Trilogy - DB073777, LP021889

The Secret. 1 Seasons of Grace - DB069138, LP020422
The Missing. 2 Seasons of Grace - DB069803, LP020968
The Telling. 3 Seasons of Grace - DB072507, LP021151

The Redemption of Sarah Cain - DB053947, RC053947
October Song - DB059769, RC059769, LP014190
The Beverly Lewis Amish Heritage Cookbook - DB064311, RC064311
Sanctuary - LP013215
The Sunroom - RC054270

Loring, Emilie
Romances with an American setting and sometimes a little mystery.

A key to many doors - DB017946, RC017946, LP004108, BR001956
As Long As I Live - LP012126
Beckoning Trails - LP004640
Behind the Cloud - LP011301
Fair tomorrow - DB022128, RC022128
Follow Your Heart - LP004320
For All Your Life - DB051304, RC051304
Gay Courage - RC050861
Here comes the sun! - DB051227, RC051227
I hear adventure calling - DB053503, RC053503
I take this man - DB020190, RC020190
Keepers of the Faith - LP016817
Lighted Windows - LP011454
Look to the stars - BR001955
Love Came Laughing By - LP015022
No time for love - DB052640, RC052640
Rainbow at Dusk - LP012024
Spring always comes - DB018127, RC018127
Stars in Your Eyes - LP011964
The shining years - BR001964
The Solitary Horseman - LP015930
The trail of conflict - DB035049, RC035049, BR009234
To love and to honor - DB051222, RC051222
We Ride the Gale - DB047328, RC047328
What Then Is Love - LP002384
When Hearts Are Light Again - LP015258
With Banners - LP011773

Macomber, Debbie
Contemporary American novels, generally romantic.

1 A Season of Angels - DB038867, RC038867, LP013456, BR009582
2 The Trouble with Angels - LP015458
3 Touched by Angels - DB075994, BR019780
4 Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy - LP019304
6 Where Angels Go - DB065939, RC065939, LP019305, BR017625
7 Angels at the Table - DB075855, LP022491, BR019724

1 The Shop on Blossom Street - DB058642, RC058642, LP018422, BR015547
2 A Good Yarn - DB061808, RC061808, BR016187
3 Susannah's Garden - DB062680, RC062680, LP018057
4 Back on Blossom Street - DB064791, RC064791, LP019005, BR017360
5 Twenty Wishes - DB066637, RC066637, LP019865, BR017790
6 Summer on Blossom Street - DB069206, RC069206, LP020527, BR018227
7 Hannah's List - DB071310, LP021238
8 A Turn in the Road - DB073225, LP021627, BR019392
9 Starting Now - DB076524, LP022747, BR019994

1 Dakota Born. 1 Buffalo Valley - DB071154, LP015986, BR012925
2 Dakota Home. 2 Buffalo Valley - DB071155, LP016083, BR012926
3 Always Dakota. 3 Buffalo Valley - DB071493, LP016426, BR013666
4 Buffalo Valley. 4 Buffalo Valley - DB071549, LP016777, BR014348

16 Lighthouse Road. 1 Cedar Cove - DB055515, RC055515, LP020781
204 Rosewood Lane. 2 Cedar Cove - DB055516, RC055516, LP014794
311 Pelican Court. 3 Cedar Cove - DB057922, RC057922, LP015671
44 Cranberry Point. 4 Cedar Cove - DB059237, RC059237
50 Harbor Street. 5 Cedar Cove - DB061163, RC061163, LP017339
6 Rainier Drive. 6 Cedar Cove - DB063684, RC063684, LP018290
74 Seaside Avenue. 7 Cedar Cove - DB065373, RC065373, LP019164
8 Sandpiper Way. 8 Cedar Cove - DB067608, RC067608, LP020006
A Cedar Cove Christmas. 9 Cedar Cove - DB068061, RC068061, LP020108
92 Pacific Boulevard. 10 Cedar Cove - DB070205, RC070205, LP020670
1022 Evergreen Place. 11 Cedar Cove - DB072330, LP021372
1105 Yakima Street. 12 Cedar Cove - DB073660, LP021883
1225 Christmas Tree Lane. 13 Cedar Cove - DB073750, LP021917

A Little Bit Country. 1 Country - LP015225
Country Bride. 2 Country - LP015531

Heart of Texas: Book 1. (Contains Lonesome Cowboy and Texas Two-Step.) - DB072055, LP018985
Heart of Texas, Book 2. (Contains Caroline's Child and Dr. Texas.) - DB072251, LP019545
Heart of Texas, Book 3. (Contains 5 Nell's Cowboy and 6 Lone Star Baby) - DB072657 Promise, Texas. 7 Heart of Texas. DB076561

The Manning Sisters. 1 and 2 Manning Family. (Contains 1 The Cowboy's Lady and 2 The Sheriff Takes a Wife.) - DB065861, RC065861
The Manning Brides. 3 and 4 Manning Family. (Contains 3 Marriage of Inconvenience and 4 Stand-In Wife) - DB070351
The Manning Grooms. 5 Manning Family (Contains Bride on the Loose and Same Time, Next Year) - DB068186, RC068186

The Cowboy's Lady. 1 Manning Family - LP019937
Marriage of Inconvenience. 3 Manning Family - LP020998

Midnight Sons: Volume 1 and 2 (Brides for Brothers. 1 Midnight Sons; The Marriage Risk. 2 Midnight Sons) - DB070007, BR018700
Midnight Sons: Volume 2. (Daddy's Little Helper V 3 and Because of the Baby V 4 of the Midnight Sons series) - DB070040, BR018701
Midnight Sons. 3 Midnight Sons. (contains 5 Falling for Him, 6 Ending in Marriage, and 7 Midnight Sons and Daughters.) - DB076426

Brides for Brothers. 1 Midnight Sons - LP010116
Marriage Risk. 2 Midnight Sons - LP010156
Daddy's Little Helper. 3 Midnight Sons - LP010191
Falling for Him. 5 Midnight Sons - LP010303
Ending in Marriage. 6 Midnight Sons - LP010340

Mrs. Miracle. 1 Mrs. Miracle - DB070101, RC070101, LP010999
Call Me Mrs. Miracle. 2 Mrs. Miracle - DB073685, LP021392

Navy Wife. 1 Navy - LP015201
Navy Blues. 2 Navy - LP015550
Navy Brat. 3 Navy - LP016254
Navy Woman. 4 Navy - LP016680
Navy Baby. 5 Navy - LP017167
Navy Husband. 6 Navy - LP017727

Orchard Valley Grooms: Valerie, Stephanie. 1 and 2 Orchard Valley - DB071061
Orchard Valley Brides: Norah and Lone Star Lovin'. 3 and 4 Orchard Valley - DB071317

Valerie. 1 Orchard Valley - LP017809
Stephanie. 2 Orchard Valley - LP017974
Norah. 3 Orchard Valley - LP018306

Marshall, Catherine
Christian historical novels set in Pennsylvania and Appalachia.

Christy - DB039327, RC039327, LP005549, BR015428
Julie - DB021210, RC021210, LP004969, BR006005

McCall Smith, Alexander
Humorous novels about residents of apartment buildings in London and Edinburgh.

Corduroy Mansions. 1 Corduroy Mansions. DB074001, LP021426
The Dog Who Came in from the Cold. 2 Corduroy Mansions. DB074002, LP021841 A Conspiracy of Friends. 3 Corduroy Mansions. LP022320

1 44 Scotland Street - DB064303, RC064303
2 Espresso Tales - DB068639
3 Love over Scotland - DB069309
4 The World According to Bertie - DB069310, LP020251
5 The Unbearable Lightness of Scones - DB070913, LP021019
6 The Importance of Being Seven - LP022425

Medlicott, Joan A.
Three widows retire to a North Carolina farmhouse one has inherited.

1 The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love - DB051224, RC051224, LP012740, BR013230
2 The Gardens of Covington - DB052824, RC052824, BR013718
3 From the Heart of Covington - DB054508, RC054508, BR014151
4 The Spirit of Covington - DB057454, RC057454, LP015992, BR015227
5 At Home in Covington - DB059196, RC059196, LP016668, BR015654
6 A Covington Christmas - DB063087, RC063087, LP017585, BR016489
7 Two Days After the Wedding - DB063364, RC063364, LP018060, BR016727
8 An Unexpected Family - DB065286, RC065286, LP018947, BR017495
9 Promises of Change - DB068788, RC068788, LP020317, BR018366

A Blue and Gray Christmas - DB070886, RC070886, BR018817
The Three Mrs. Parkers - DB062168, RC062168, LP017143
Come Walk with Me - LP020785

Oke, Janette - Frontier historical romances.

The Meeting Place. 1 Acadia - DB049353, RC049353, LP011641
The Sacred Shore. 2 Acadia - DB052083, RC052083, LP012511
The Birthright. 3 Acadia - DB053342, RC053342, LP012907
The Distant Beacon. 4 Acadia - DB055412, RC055412, LP015177
The Beloved Land. 5 Acadia - DB055413, RC055413, LP015439

When Calls the Heart. 1 Canada - DB022382, RC022382, LP008161
When Comes the Spring. 2 Canada - DB023583, RC023583, LP008160
When Breaks the Dawn. 3 Canada - DB025796, RC025796, LP009252
When Hope Springs New. 4 Canada - DB026777, RC026777, LP009251
Beyond the Gathering Storm. 5 Canada - DB057470, RC057470, LP012459
When Tomorrow Comes. 6 Canada - DB058150, RC058150, LP013503

Another Homecoming. 1 Kyle - DB074567
Tomorrow's Dream. 2 Kyle - DB074744

Love Comes Softly. 1 Love - DB022376, RC022376, LP009257
Love's Enduring Promise. 2 Love - DB022377, RC022377, LP009253
Love's Long Journey. 3 Love - DB022378, RC022378, LP008337
Love's Abiding Joy. 4 Love - DB022379, RC022379, LP009254
Love's Unending Legacy. 5 Love - DB022380, RC022380, LP008338
Love's Unfolding Dream. 6 Love - DB027986, RC027986, LP008339
Love Takes Wing. 7 Love - DB028836, RC028836, LP009255
Love Finds a Home. 8 Love - DB031633, RC031633, LP009256

Tender Years. 1 Prairie Legacy - DB047432, RC047432, LP010381
A Searching Heart. 2 Prairie Legacy - DB047433, RC047433, LP011239
A Quiet Strength. 3 Prairie Legacy - RC049959, LP011665
Like Gold Refined. 4 Prairie Legacy - RC051897, LP012894

Once Upon a Summer. 1 Seasons - DB022381, RC022381, LP009247
The Winds of Autumn. 2 Seasons - DB031895, RC031895, LP009249
Winter is Not Forever. 3 Seasons - DB031896, RC031896, LP009250
Spring's Gentle Promise. 4 Seasons - DB031897, RC031897, LP009260

A Bride for Donnigan. Women of the West - DB037618, RC037618
A Gown of Spanish Lace. Women of the West - DB049180, RC049180, LP009383, BR011414
A Woman Named Damaris. Women of the West - DB035959, RC035959, LP009248
Heart of the wilderness. Women of the West - DB039626, RC039626
The Bluebird and the Sparrow: Women of the West - DB062727, RC062727, BR010427
Julia's Last Hope. Women of the West - DB033475, RC033475, LP009259
Roses for Mama. Women of the West - DB033460, RC033460, LP009246
The Calling of Emily Evans. Women of the West - DB032914, RC032914, LP009258
The Measure of a Heart. Women of the West - DB036452, RC036452, LP008335
They Called Her Mrs. Doc. Women of the West - DB036714, RC036714, LP007909
Too long a stranger. Women of the West - DB039347, RC039347

Another Homecoming - LP010330
Dana's Valley - LP013067
Drums of change - DB048480, RC048480, LP009670, BR011231
Nana's Gift and The Red Geranium - DB074551, LP010026, BR019439
Red Geranium - LP009473
Return to Harmony - LP010313
The father of love - DB034103, RC034103, BR008843
The Matchmakers - RC046382, LP010573
Tomorrow's Dream - LP010881

Peart Jane
Christian romances, usually historical, and sometimes set in the American West.

The Pattern. 1 American Quilt - LP010628
The Pledge. 2 American Quilt - LP010933
The Promise. 3 American Quilt - LP011413

Valiant Bride. 1 Brides of Montclair - LP015736
Ransomed Bride. 2 Brides of Montclair - LP015886
Fortune's Bride. 3 Brides of Montclair - LP016244
Folly's Bride. 4 Brides of Montclair - LP016358
Yankee Bride/Rebel Bride: Montclair Divided. 5 Montclair - LP016543
Gallant Bride. 6 Brides of Montclair - LP016685
Shadow Bride. 7 Brides of Montclair - LP017069
Destiny's Bride. 8 Brides of Montclair - LP017351
Mirror Bride. 10 Brides of Montclair - LP017670
Hero's Bride. 11 Brides of Montclair - LP017942

Homeward the Seeking Heart. 1 Orphan Train West - LP012275
Dreams of a Longing Heart. 2 Orphan Train West - LP012454
Quest for Lasting Love. 3 Orphan Train West - LP013110
The Heart's Lonely Secret. 5 Orphan Train West - LP013280

Runaway Heart. 1 Westward Dreams - LP012986
Promise of the Valley. 2 Westward Dreams - LP013379
Where Tomorrow Waits. 3 Westward Dreams - LP013380
A Distant Dawn. 4 Westward Dreams - LP013710
Undaunted Spirit. 5 Westward Dreams - LP013905

The House of Haunted Dreams - LP012935
The Secret at Octagon House - LP013139
Circle of Love - LP014150
Sign of the Carousel - LP014381
Autumn Encore - LP014586
Love Takes Flight - LP015060
Scent of Heather - LP015285
Sandcastles - LP016574

Pilcher, Rosamunde
Historical and contemporary romances usually set in England or Scotland.

Coming Home - DB040840, RC040840, LP009413
Flowers in the Rain and Other Stories - RC034018, LP007340
September - DB031023, RC031023, LP006537, BRU06664
Sleeping Tiger - RC010511
Snow in April - DB042485, RC042485, LP003137, BR003159
The Blue Bedroom and Other Stories - RC031042, LP006616
The Carousel - DB041818, RC041818, LP007236, BR005327
The Day of the Storm - RC046610, BR003286
The Empty House - RC041478, LP007634, BR002793
The End of Summer - RC048956
The Shell Seekers - DB026987, RC026987, LP005750
Wild Mountain Thyme - LP003959
Winter Solstice - RC050844, LP012533

Price, Eugenia
Historical romances set in the American South.

Don Juan McQueen. 1 Florida - DB033797, RC033797
Margaret's story. 2 Florida - RC033789
Maria. 3 Florida. DB034119 - RC034119

Bright Captivity. 1 Georgia Trilogy - DB033002, RC033002, BR008538
Where Shadows Go. 2 Georgia Trilogy - DB037209, RC037209, BR009375
Beauty from ashes. 3 Georgia trilogy - RC041021, BR010167

Savannah. 1 Savannah Quartet - DB019367, RC019367
To see your face again. 2 Savannah Quartet - DB023774, RC023774
Before the darkness falls. 3 Savannah Quartet - DB027355, RC027355
Stranger in Savannah. 4 Savannah Quartet - DB029053, RC029053, LP007194

The beloved invader. 1 St. Simon's - DB033235, RC033235
New moon rising. 2 St. Simon's - DB010711, RC010711
Lighthouse. 3 St. Simon's - DB023288, RC023288

The Waiting Time - DB044609, RC044609, LP010345

Pym, Barbara
Pleasantly amusing stories of English village life.

A few green leaves - RC018467, BR004907
A glass of blessings - RC026790
An academic question - RC024698
An unsuitable attachment - RC026844
Civil to strangers; and other writings - RC027999
Crampton Hodnet - RC023640
Excellent women - DB020552, RC020552, BR003786
Jane and Prudence - RC022768
Less than angels - RC025752
No Fond Return of Love - RC020016
Quartet in autumn - RC022697, BR003903
Some tame gazelle - RC021636
The sweet dove died - BR004186

Ross, Ann B.
Contemporary stories of a widow's life in small-town North Carolina, sometimes with a little mystery.

1 Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind - DB049141, RC049141, BR012542
2 Miss Julia Takes Over - DB052836, RC052836, BR013721
3 Miss Julia Throws a Wedding - DB054718, RC054718, LP014390, BR014243
4 Miss Julia Hits the Road - DB056262, RC056262, LP015182, BR014753
5 Miss Julia Meets Her Match - DB058135, RC058135, LP016143, BR015461
6 Miss Julia's School of Beauty - DB060434, RC060434, LP017128, BR016144
7 Miss Julia Stands Her Ground - DB063070, RC063070, LP017904, BR016656
8 Miss Julia Strikes Back - DB064872, RC064872, LP018811, BR017440
9 Miss Julia Paints the Town - DB067666, RC067666, LP019669, BR018121
10 Miss Julia Delivers the Goods - DB068898, RC068898, LP020459, BR018614
11 Miss Julia Renews Her Vows - DB071530, BR019066
12 Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle - DB073493, BR019386
13 Miss Julia to the Rescue - DB074723, BR019520
14 Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble - DB076618, BR020062

Santmyer, Helen Hooven
Multigenerational family sagas set in small town Ohio.

...And ladies of the club - DB020902, RC020902, BR005849
Herbs and apples - RC024688
The fierce dispute - RC027794

Shaffer, Mary Ann
Novel about life on a British channel island during WWII.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society - DB067526, RC067526, LP020440

Shaw, Rebecca
Novels revolving around the veterinary hospital in an English village.

A Country Affair. 1 Barleybridge - DB065000, RC065000, BR017420
Country Wives. 2 Barleybridge - DB065080, RC065080, BR017724
Country Lovers. 3 Barleybridge - DB065082, RC065082, BR017470
Country Passions. 4 Barleybridge - DB071143, BR018945
One Hot Country Summer. 5 Barleybridge - DB071144, BR018946

Snelling, Lauraine
Christian historical remances featuring Scandinavian families in the Dakotas.

Ruby. 1 Dakotah Treasures - DB068770, RC068770, LP016184
Pearl. 2 Dakotah Treasures - DB068786, RC068786, LP016621
Opal. 3 Dakotah Treasures - DB068857, RC068857, LP017412
Amethyst. 4 Dakotah Treasures - DB069009, RC069009, LP018152

A Promise for Ellie. 1 Daughters of Blessing - DB070009, BR018174
Sophie's Dilemma. 2 Daughters of Blessing - DB070041, BR018175
A Touch of Grace. 3 Daughters of Blessing - DB070313, BR018176
Rebecca's Reward. 4 Daughters of Blessing - DB070353, BR018449

Dakota Dawn. 1 Dakota Plains - LP017352
Dakota Dream. 2 Dakota Plains - LP017668
Dakota Dusk. 3 Dakota Plains - LP017669

A Measure of Mercy. 1 Home to Blessing - DB071770, LP021390
A Distance too Far. 2 Home to Blessing - DB071771, LP021391
A Heart for Home. 3 Home to Blessing - DB073516, LP021819

An Untamed Land. 1 Red River of the North - DB067616, RC067616, LP013965, BR016728
A New Day Rising. 2 Red River of the North - DB068069, RC068069, LP014189, BR016730
A Land to Call Home. 3 Red River of the North - DB068095, RC068095, LP014378, BR016786
The Reaper's Song. 4 Red River of the North - DB068812, RC068812, LP014588, BR018177
Tender Mercies. 5 Red River of the North - DB068813, RC068813, LP014838, BR018178
Blessing in Disguise. 6 Red River of the North - DB068814, RC068814, LP015284, BR018179

A Dream to Follow. 1 Return to Red River - DB067095, RC067095, BR016737
Believing the Dream. 2 Return to Red River - DB067115, RC067115, BR016736
More than a Dream. 3 Return to Red River - DB067125, RC067125, BR016745

Daughter of Twin Oaks. 1 Secret Refuge - LP020465
Sisters of the Confederacy. 2 Secret Refuge - LP020530
The Long Way Home. 3 Secret Refuge - LP020560

Valley of Dreams. 1 Wild West Wind - LP021972
Whispers in the Wind. 2 Wild West Wind - LP022403
A Place to Belong. 3 Wild West Wind - LP022732

The Healing Quilt - LP015061
Race for the Roses - LP018806
Dakota December - LP019788
Breaking Free - LP019938, BR018185
One Perfect Day - LP020164
Saturday Morning - LP021410
On Hummingbird Wings - LP021650
Reunion - LP022429

Sparks, Nicholas
Bestseeling contemporary romances and family stories.

The Notebook. 1 Calhoun. DB043180, RC043180, LP009923, BR015245
The Wedding. 2 Calhoun. DB056908, RC056908, LP015345, BR015299

True Believer. 1 Jeremy Marsh. DB060188, RC060188, LP016884
At First Sight. 2 Jeremy Marsh. DB061491, RC061491, LP017447

A Bend in the Road - DB053017, RC053017, LP013492
A Walk to Remember - DB049104, RC049104, LP011846
Dear John - DB065315, RC065315, LP018438, BR016791
Message in a Bottle - RC046179, LP010876, BR015466
Nights in Rodanthe - RC054857, LP014420
Safe Haven - DB071968, LP021346
The Best of Me - DB073766, LP021897, BR018752
The Choice - DB066651, RC066651, LP019262, BR017348
The Guardian - DB055864, RC055864, LP014952
The Last Song - DB069591, LP020673
The Lucky One - DB067541, RC067541, LP020047, BR018058
The Rescue - DB050879, RC050879, LP012615

Stevenson, D. E.
English and Scottish country life with a touch of romance.

Green Money - DB061578, RC061578
Smouldering Fire - DB061401, RC061401
The Baker's Daughter - DB060418, RC060418
The four graces - BR004494

Stewart, Mary
Series about the Arthurian legends and English romantic suspense.

Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy: 1 The Crystal Cave, 2 The Hollow Hills, 3 The Last Enchantment - RC057055
The Crystal Cave. 1 Merlin/Arthur - LP004334, BR005771
The Hollow Hills. 2 Merlin/Arthur - LP004410, BR005781
The Last Enchantment. 3 Merlin/Arthur - LP004378, BR005884
The Wicked Day. 4 Merlin/Arthur - RC020205, LP004982, BR005679

Airs Above the Ground - DB008693
The Ivy Tree - DB017453, RC017453
Madam, Will You Talk - LP020374
My Brother Michael - RC031749
Nine Coaches Waiting - RC043401, LP002317
Rose Cottage - RC046199, LP010809
The Moon-Spinners - RC031734, LP000480, BR001622
The Prince and the Pilgrim - RC046092, LP009621
The stormy petrel - RC033934, LP007232, BR008712
This Rough Magic - RC012636, LP000720
Thornyhold - DB029014, RC029014, LP006032, BR007728
Thunder on the Right - RC010341
Touch not the cat - LP002155, BR003302
Walk in Wolf Wood - RCU07230

Stratton-Porter, Gene
Traditional romances and family stories often set in Indiana.

A Daughter of the Land - RC051307, BR013267
A girl of the Limberlost - DB038268, RC038268, LP009335
At the foot of the rainbow - RC021634
Freckles - DB032479, RC032479
Laddie: a true blue story - RC032108, BR008394
The Magic Garden - DB062396, RC062396

Tarkington, Booth
Pulitzer prize winning American novels.

Alice Adams - DB047570, RC047570
Penrod - DB044569, RC044569
Penrod and Sam - RC043040
Seventeen - DB063771, RC063771
The Magnificent Ambersons - DB048558, RC048558, BR018363

Taylor, Patrick
Charming novels centered around the medical practice of a small Northern Ireland town.

1 An Irish Country Doctor - DB067767, RC067767, LP019043
2 An Irish Country Village - DB067803, RC067803, LP019549
3 An Irish Country Christmas - DB068302
4 An Irish Country Girl - DB070451
5 Irish Country Courtship - DB073163
6 A Dublin Student Doctor - DB075400
7 An Irish Country Wedding - DB076135

Thirkell, Angela
British historical romances from the 1930s through the 1950s.

High Rising. 1 Barsetshire - DB044375, RC044375
Wild strawberries. 3 Barsetshire - DB032989, RC032989
Pomfret towers. 6 Barsetshire - RC032942, BR008638
Before Lunch. 7 Barsetshire - RC041939
Brandons. 8 Barsetshire - DB041938, RC041938
Cheerfulness breaks in. 9 Barsetshire - DB033124, RC033124, BR008615
Northbridge rectory. 10 Barsetshire - RC039398
Marling Hall. 11 Barsetshire - DB042906, RC042906
Growing up. 12 Barsetshire - DB042468, RC042468
Peace breaks out. 14 Barsetshire - DB007860
Love among the ruins. 16 Barsetshire - DB007738
The Old Bank House. 17 Barsetshire - DB047189, RC047189
County Chronicle. 18 Barsetshire - RC047244
The Duke's Daughter. 19 Barsetshire - DB047245, RC047245
Happy Returns. 20 Barsetshire - DB048374, RC048374
Jutland Cottage. 21 Barsetshire - DB048460, RC048460
Headmistress. 24 Barsetshire - DB042120, RC042120
Never Too Late. 25 Barsetshire - DB055229, RC055229

Coronation Summer - DB048467, RC048467

Thoene, Bodies and Brock - Historical sagas.

1 The Man from Shadow Ridge - DB033751, RC033751, LP014112, BR008777
2 Riders of the silver rim - DB033752, RC033752, BR008778
3 Gold rush prodigal - DB033753, RC033753, BR008779
4 Sequoia scout - DB033754, RC033754, BR008780
5 Cannons of the Comstock - DB036995, RC036995, LP016419
6 The year of the grizzly - DB036700, RC036700
7 Shooting Star - DB036709, RC036709, LP008754

First Light. 1 A.D. Chronicles - DB060485, RC060485
Second Touch. 2 A.D. Chronicles - DB060507, RC060507
Third Watch. 3 A.D. Chronicles - DB061427, RC061427
Fourth Dawn. 4 A.D. Chronicles - DB064252, RC064252
Fifth Seal. 5 A.D. Chronicles - DB069904, RC069904
Sixth Covenant. 6 A.D. Chronicles - DB071342
Seventh Day. 7 A.D. Chronicles - DB071352
Eighth Shepherd. 8 A.D. Chronicles - DB071360
Ninth Witness. 9 A.D. Chronicles - DB071372
Tenth Stone. 10 A.D. Chronicles - DB071382
Eleventh Guest. 11 A.D. Chronicles - DB072938

The First Stone: the Diary of Mary Magdalene. 1 A.D. Scrolls - LP021840

Only the River Runs Free. 1 Galway Chronicles - DB046729, RC046729
Of Men and of Angels. 2 Galway Chronicles - DB048936, RC048936
Ashes of Remembrance. 3 The Galway Chronicles - DB055838, RC055838
All Rivers to the Sea. 4 Galway Chronicles - DB055845, RC055845

In My Father's House. 1 Shiloh - DB035667, RC035667, LP007867
A thousand shall fall. 2 Shiloh - DB036224, RC036224
Say to this mountain. 3 Shiloh - DB038206, RC038206
Shiloh Autumn. 4 Shiloh - DB045992, RC045992

The Gathering Storm. 1 Zion Diaries - LP021490
Against the Wind. 2 Zion Diaries - LP021556

Vienna prelude. 1 Zion Covenant - DB034901, RC034901
Prague Counterpoint. 2 Zion Covenant - DB034902, RC034902
Munich signature. 3 Zion Covenant - DB034903, RC034903
Jerusalem interlude. 4 Zion Covenant - DB034904, RC034904
Danzig passage. 5 Zion Covenant - DB034905, RC034905
Warsaw requiem. 6 Zion Covenant - DB034906, RC034906
London Refrain. 7 Zion Covenant - DB061404, RC061404
Paris Encore. 8 Zion Covenant - DB061934, RC061934
Dunkirk Crescendo. 9 Zion Covenant - DB062122, RC062122

Jerusalem Vigil. 1 Zion Legacy - DB054875, RC054875, LP013553
Thunder from Jerusalem. 2 Zion Legacy - DB054876, RC054876, LP013802
Jerusalem's Heart. 3 Zion Legacy - DB054877, RC054877, LP014012
The Jerusalem Scrolls. 4 Zion Legacy - DB054878, RC054878, LP014552
Stones of Jerusalem. 5 Zion Legacy - DB054879, RC054879
Jerusalem's Hope. 6 Zion Legacy - DB056603, RC056603

Gates of Zion. 1 Zion Chronicles - RCU06089
A Daughter of Zion. 2 Zion chronicles - RCU06152
Return to Zion. 3 Zion Chronicles - RCU06153
Light in Zion. 4 Zion Chronicles - RCU06190
Key to Zion. 5 Zion Chronicles - RCU06191

Legend of Storey County - BR010715
Hope Valley War - RC047173, BR011381
Beyond the Farthest Star - LP022348
The Twilight of Courage - RC041441

Trigiani, Adriana
Contemporary Italian-American family stories.

Big Stone Gap. 1 Big Stone Gap. RC052742
Big Cherry Holler. 2 Big Stone Gap. RC054798
Milk Glass Moon. 3 Big Stone Gap. DB056539, RC056539
Home to Big Stone Gap. 4 Big Stone Gap. DB064291, RC064291

Very Valentine. 1 Valentine. DB068757, LP021117
Brava, Valentine. 2 Valentine. DB071048, LP021030

Trollope, Anthony
The first series relates the quiet country life in West England in the latter 1800s. The second concerns London politics.

1 The warden - DB012363, RC012363, BR008866
2 Barchester towers - DB011318
3 Dr. Thorne - DB012410
4 Framley parsonage - RC012142
5 Small house in Allington - DB011839, RC011839
6 Last chronicle of Barset - DB012858

1 Can you Forgive Her - DB012466
2 Phineas Finn - DB011402, RC011402
3 The Eustace diamonds - DB011574, RC011574
4 Phineas redux - DB011917
5 The prime minister - DB012307
6 The Duke's children - DB012857, RC012857

The way we live now - BR008429
The vicar of Bullhampton - DB026601, RC026601
The way we live now - RC032527
The fixed period - RC034464
The landleaguers - RC035671

Turner, Nancy
Life on the Arizona frontier in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

1 These is my words: the diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901 - DBU01339, BR012317 2 Sarah's quilt: a novel of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1906 - DBU01337
3 The star garden: a novel of Sarah Agnes Prine - DBU01338

Tyler, Anne
Insightful, humorous novels on contemporary middle-class life usually set in Baltimore.

A patchwork planet - DB046222, RC046222
A Slipping-Down Life - DB064468, RC064468, BR017180
Back When We Were Grownups - DB052094, RC052094, LP013162
Breathing lessons - DB027019, RC027019, LP005878
Celestial navigation - DB011474, RC011474
Digging to America - DB061734, RC061734, LP017989, BR016583
Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant - LP004382
Earthly possessions - DB062138, RC062138
If Morning Ever Comes - DB063647, RC063647, BR017076
Ladder of years - DB040054, RC040054, LP009086
Morgan's passing - RC016004
Noah's Compass - DB070273, LP020987, BR018632
Saint Maybe - RC033907, LP008674
Searching for Caleb - LP012235
The Amateur Marriage - DB057373, RC057373, LP015723, BR015181
The Beginner's Goodbye - DB074490, LP022164, BR019602
The Clock Winder - DB058335, RC058335, BR015494
The Tin Can Tree - RC044373

West, Jessamyn
Historical novels about pioneers in Indiana from a Quaker author.

Collected stories of Jessamyn West - DB025363, RC025363
Except for me and thee; a companion to The friendly persuasion - BR001063
Leafy Rivers - DB035566, RC035566
The friendly persuasion - DB039935, RC039935, LP019341, BR009135
The massacre at Fall Creek - BR002915

Whitney, Phyllis
Classic romantic suspense sometimes with a gothic and/or supernatural element.

A Long Time Coming - LP014111
Amethyst Dreams - DB044759, LP010416
Black Amber - DB012634, RC012634, LP002118
Blue Fire - LP012030
Columbella - LP002268, BR000290
Creole Holiday - LP014822
Daughter of the Stars - RC039862, LP008901
Domino - DB013988, LP003225
Dream of orchids - DB021507, RC021507, LP004958, BR006083
Emerald - DB019213, RC019213, BR005415
Ever After - LP013158
Feather on the moon - RC026975, BR007308
Flaming tree - DB022993, RC022993, BR006415
Hunter's green - BR002974
Listen for the Whisperer - DB061871, RC061871, LP013471
Lost island - BR001448
Moonflower - LP002598
Nobody likes Trina - LP001670
Poinciana - LP003828, BR004708
Rainbow in the Mist - DB029030, RC029030, LP006068
Rainsong - DB020228, RC020228, BR005763
Sea Jade - LP002483, BR003128
Seven Tears for Apollo - DB018126, RC018126, LP003379
Silverhill - DB031787, RC031787, LP003160
Silversword - DB025957, RC025957, BR006872
Snowfire - DB072265, LP001694
Spindrift - LP001861, BR002818
Star flight - DB037316, RC037316, BR009409
Step to the Music - LP014574
The Ebony Swan - DB034037, RC034037, LP009152
The Fire and the Gold - LP015355
The glass flame - DB012322, RC012322
The Golden Unicorn - LP002160
The Quicksilver Pool - DB071527, LP020321
The red carnelian - DB032102, RC032102, BR008381
The singing stones - DB032450, RC032450, LP012401
The Stone Bull - DB011349, RC011349, LP002490
The trembling hills - DB017045, RC017045, LP001777
The turquoise mask - DB044086
The Winter People - DB017665, RC017665, LP003383
Thunder Heights - DB036124, RC036124, LP002000
Vermilion - DB017311, RC017311, LP004388, BR005012
Window on the square - DB012376, RC012376
Woman without a past - RC033050, LP006731, BR008626

Wick, Lori
Christian historical romances with American or English settings.

1 A Place Called Home - DB041472, RC041472, LP012654
2 A Song for Silas - DB041473, RC041473, LP012729
3 The Long Road Home - DB041474, RC041474, LP012985
4 A Gathering of Memories - DB041475, RC041475, LP013381

Every Little Thing about You. 1 Yellow Rose Trilogy - DB053512, RC053512, LP013378
A Texas Sky. 2 Yellow Rose Trilogy - DB053513, RC053513, LP013708
City Girl. 3 Yellow Rose Trilogy - DB053514, RC053514, LP013901

Whatever Tomorrow Brings. 1 Californians - DB035582, RC035582, LP011411
As Time Goes By. 2 Californians - DB037961, RC037961, LP011563
Sean Donovan. 3 Californians - DB037991, RC037991, LP011745
Donovan's Daughter. 4 Californians - DB039325, RC039325, LP011947

Cassidy. 1 Big Sky Dreams - LP019405
Sabrina. 2 Big Sky Dreams - LP019705
Jessie. 3 Big Sky Dreams - LP020040

Hawk and the Jewel. 1 Kensington Chronicles - RC039527, LP012458, BR009603
Wings of the morning. 2 Kensington Chronicles - DB039528, RC039528, LP012863, BR009604
Who Brings Forth the Wind. 3 Kensington Chronicles - RC043099, LP013111, BR010698
The knight and the Dove. 4 Kensington - DB043100, RC043100, LP013278, BR010699

The Proposal. 1 The English Garden - DB057040, RC057040, LP015175
The Rescue. 2 The English Garden - DB057044, RC057044, LP015438
The Visitor. 3 The English Garden - DB057052, RC057052, LP015735
The Pursuit. 4 The English Garden - RC057061, LP016359

Where the Wild Rose Blooms. 1 Rocky Mountain - DB044430, RC044430, LP011084 Whispers of Moonlight. 2 Rocky Mountain Memories - DB044429, RC044429
To Know Her by Name. 3 Rocky Mountain Memories - RC045370, LP010934
Promise Me Tomorrow. 4 Rocky Mountain Memories - DB045369, RC045369, LP010772

Bamboo and Lace - DB053748, RC053748
Every Storm - LP016686
Pretense - LP020540
The Princess - LP012274
Sophie's heart - DB043647, RC043647, LP011319

Wingate, Lisa

Christian contemporary romances and family stories set in Texas and Missouri small towns.

Tending Roses. 1 Tending Roses - BR018503
Good Hope Road. 2 Tending Roses - BR018684
The Language of Sycamores. 3 Tending Roses - BR015926

Larkspur Cove. 1 Moses Lake - DB074629, LP021526
Blue Moon Bay. 2 Moses Lake - LP022143
Firefly Island. 3 Moses Lake - LP022696

Talk of the Town. 1 Daily, Texas - DB069058, RC069058
Word Gets Around. 2 Daily, Texas - DB069082, RC069082, LP020447
Never Say Never. 3 Daily, Texas - DB071426