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C1 Cassette Player Instructions

How to Play a 4-Track Cassette
Standard Cassette Player C1

Library of Congress tapes play at half the normal tape speed, and contain four sides on each cassette rather than the normal two. To play a four-track cassette, follow these steps:

c1 cassette player1. Push down the EJECT key--the key with no markings on the far right of the control keys. This opens the cassette door.

2. Insert the cassette into the cassette door with the braille side up (Side 1). The edge of the cassette with the tape exposed faces toward you. Be careful not to touch the exposed tape. Close the door.

3. Locate the SPEED switch. It is the rocker switch on the control panel closest to the back of the machine. Push the left side down to the 15/16 position.

4. Locate the SIDE switch. It is the rocker switch on the control panel closest to you. Push the left side down to the 1-2 position.

5. Press the PLAY key--green in color and marked with an O. Wait for about 30 seconds to hear the beginning of the book. Adjust tone and volume settings--sliding controls on the control panel.

6. At the end of Side 1, press the STOP key--red in color and marked with an X.

7. Press the EJECT key and turn the cassette over. The braille side will now be down. Push the cassette door closed.

8. Press the PLAY key, and play side 2.

9. At the end of side 2, STOP the cassette, EJECT it, and turn it over again. The braille side should be up.

10. To play side 3, locate the SIDE switch. Push down to the right to the 3-4 position. Press PLAY

11. At the end of side 3, STOP the cassette, EJECT, and turn it over. The braille side should be down.

12. To play side 4, press PLAY.

13. At the end of side 4, press STOP. EJECT the cassette. When you have completed all four sides, the tape is back at the beginning. There is no need to rewind.

14. When you go on to the next cassette marked side 5, be sure to change the SIDE switch back to the left to the 1-2 position.

At the end of each side, the narrator will announce directions to remind you what is required to play the next side.

Cassettes That Play Too Fast on the C1

Sometimes a cassette will play too fast. If this occurs, check the speed selector switch to be sure it is in the 15/16 position. If the cassette still plays too fast, remove the cassette from the machine and make sure that none of the tape is spilling from the cassette, or that the tape has not been slightly pushed into the cassette. Insert a pen or your finger into one of the holes of the cassette, and turn so that the tape tightens up. Be sure when reinserting the cassette into the machine that you do not touch the tape. Keep your fingers on the plastic shell portion of the cassette.

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