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Digital Machines and Talking Book Information

Digital Talking Book Cartridges for NLS Patrons now available for purchase:

American Printing House for the Blind
Online: http://shop.aph.org
Email: cs@aph.org
Phone: 1-800-223-1839


Perkins Solutions
Assistive Technology
E-mail: Solutions@Perkins.org
Phone: (855) 206-8353 (toll free) or (617) 972-7308

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Digital Books and Machines
BARD - Braille and Audio Reading Download
Loan Policy

Digital Books and Machines

Digital Players are available on request.

Equipment for Wyoming patrons is provided by the local office of Wyoming Services for the Visually Impaired that provided your cassette player.

Available digital books are listed in issues of the Talking Book Topics Magazine.

BARD - Braille and Audio Reading Download

The BARD download web site is at https://nlsbard.loc.gov.

If you would like to begin using this service, you will need
-- A computer connected to the internet
-- High speed internet service
-- An active email address

To sign up for BARD, use the online application on the BARD website at https://nlsbard.loc.gov.


The following policies govern the circulation of books and equipment to eligible blind, disabled, or reading disabled patrons who are registered with the Utah State Library Division, Program for the Blind and Disabled. Eligible patrons who borrow materials from the library accept responsibility for using materials with reasonable care, returning them to the Utah State Library according to established loan policies, and not losing or damaging them through negligence. 

Violation of this policy can result in suspension of some or all library services.


Braille books, large print books, books on cassette, digital books, a cassette player, and a digital book machine will be loaned by the library to eligible registered patrons without charge. The library will keep records of all such loans. 

Legislation and Library of Congress directives require that the library give priority in the assignment of equipment to veterans of the armed services and those over 100 years of age.

Priority will also be given to the replacement of defective equipment for patrons already registered over those new to the program. Patrons MUST telephone or come to the library to request a replacement for a damaged machine.

The patron should notify the library of changes of address, a desire to cancel service, or temporary or permanent transfer of service to another state.

Equipment necessary to read the recorded materials may be borrowed on extended loan for as long as the patron is using the equipment to read materials provided by the library. In the event a machine ceases to function properly or needs repair, it should be returned to the library. Under no circumstances should a borrower attempt to repair equipment or accessories provided by the library.

A patron in good standing with the library will have priority over other patrons in the assignment of equipment. A patron in good standing is in compliance with the limits on equipment stated above, in compliance with the limits on books stated below, and has not had any books checked out longer than six months.

A patron in good standing may have a maximum of 20 books total in braille, on cassette, in large print, or in digital format checked out at any one time. Once a patron reaches the maximum number of books, no additional books will be sent until books are returned. For special circumstances, a patron may request an increase in the maximum number.

Books will be sent either on a calendar, replacement (turn-around) or request only basis. The loan period for books is six to eight weeks. No fines for overdue books will be levied; however, patrons are urged to observe the loan period so books can be available for other readers.

The patron will ensure books, magazines, and equipment being returned to the library by free matter are delivered into the hands of the United States Postal Service by placing the items in a mailbox or delivering the items to the post office. Placing library materials on the doorstep of the patron’s home for the mail carrier to pick up does not constitute delivery into the hands of the postal service and, if problems arise by use of this method, the patron is responsible for the lost or damaged library materials.

Patrons may not lend library books, magazines, or equipment to other persons.

In the case of repeated verbal abuse of library staff by a patron, the library may suspend service to that patron.


In the event that any of these policies are violated repeatedly, the patron will be given a written warning and an opportunity to reply.

If the patron does not reply or the policy violations continue, service may be suspended for a period of time. Service may be reinstated if the patron comes into compliance with policy. If, after reinstatement of service, policy violations resume, services may be suspended again.

In the event of suspension, the following steps will be taken:

1. The library will first discuss the problem noted with the patron by telephone or in person. The library will send a warning letter summarizing the discussion and the problem and provide an opportunity for the patron to reply.

2. If service abuse recurs, a second written communication will be sent to the patron. This letter will cite the earlier warning letter, list examples of subsequent abuse, give the patron an opportunity to reply by a certain date, and inform the patron of  suspension of service for a stated period (up to six months). A specific date for resumption of service will be included in this letter.

3. When service is resumed, a letter will be sent to the patron notifying him/her of the resumption of service and reminding the patron that further recurrences will result in another suspension of service, as it relates to the documented abuse.

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