Utah State Library for the Blind and Disabled

Patron Handbook

Utah State Library
Program for the Blind and Disabled

for Alaska, Utah and Wyoming. (Updated May 2016)

large print version (.pdf) braille version (.brf)

The Utah State Library (USL) Program for the Blind and Disabled provides materials found in formats accessible to the blind and disabled. Books and magazine are available in Braille, large print, and digital audio formats. Services are provided in cooperation with the Utah State Library as an extension of the Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. Services are available free to eligible readers.

USL is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Mountain Time)
250 N 1950 W, Ste. A, Salt Lake City, UT  84116-7901
Call the library at: 801-715-6789 or Utah Toll-free 1-800-662-5540, or
Outside of Utah Toll-free 1-800-453-4293.
You may also email the Library at blind@utah.gov.

People who are unable to read regular print because of a visual, physical, or reading disability, qualify for service. An application is available and specifies who qualifies for eligibility at:  http://blindlibrary.utah.gov/apply_for_service/instructions.html.

Eligible individuals in Alaska and Wyoming need to apply through their local offices as outlined on pages 6 and 7 in the Handbook.

Books are circulated through the mail postage free. Materials from USL arrive with a reversible mailing label located within a label holder on the outside of the container.

• A circular-punched hole is on the top right corner of the mailing label when you receive an item.

• When you are finished with an item, turn the mailing label over so that the circular-punched hole is in the top left corner, replace the label in its holder on the outside of the mailing container, and drop it in the mail.

For local patrons, books and equipment can be checked out in person at the Library during our business hours. If you phone in your order in advance, you can pick up your oder that same day at USL. The loan period for books is six to eight weeks.

Each patron receives a five-digit ID number that is used when materials are checked out to you. The ID number is located above the barcode - which is above your name and to the left on the mailing address card.

USL offers a variety of service preferences. When books are returned, USL can send the same number of items back to you in the mail. USL can send a specific number each week, every two weeks, or every month. USL can also send books only when requested by phone, mail, or email. Reading preferences also can be changed at any time. Patrons have the option of blocking an author, subject, etc. if requested. All subject categories can contain strong language, violence and/or explicit descriptions of sex. You may block any part of these using the following codes and criteria:

  ST Contains strong language
  ST-S Contains some strong language
  VI Contains violence
  VI-S Contains some violence
  SE Contains descriptions of sex
  SE-S Contains some descriptions of sex
  SE-X Contains some explicit descriptions of sex
  ROX Love stories, spicy romance
  XXX Contains explicit descriptions of sex

Contact USL to adjust any of your service preferences.

Digital Players – USL provides Utah and Alaska patrons with digital players that play the special format audio books you receive from us. The digital players are light-weight and have top grade sound quality. The audio cartridges are played in the digital player. The “bookshelf” feature in the player is available to navigate cartridges that have more than one title on them.

Wyoming patrons receive equipment through Wyoming Vision Outreach Services. For new or replacement equipment, contact the office over your county. A list of these offices is included on page 7 of this handbook.

Patrons can search for and order books from our online catalog at:
http://blindlibrary.utah.gov. Please contact the Library to set up your user ID and password to order books online.

Braille – USL has thousands of titles of bound Braille. Patrons may also sign up to download Braille book files from BARD, the NLS downloadable book site.
Large Print Books – Thousands of commercially published large print book titles are available for checkout.
Magazines – USL provides a variety of magazines in Braille, in audio and large print formats. Magazines can also be downloaded from the NLS BARD site. Audio magazines have a shorter loan period than books.

If an item is damaged or becomes lost or stolen, please notify USL staff so that another player or book can be shipped immediately and the damaged item may be returned. Do not attempt to repair items.

USL circulates books and equipment to eligible individuals who are registered with the program and institutions that serve eligible patrons. Patrons who use the service also accept the responsibility of caring for books and equipment. Patrons may check out up to 20 books in Braille, large print, and 30 digital audio books at a time. All material is delivered as Free Matter for the Blind by the U.S. Postal Service. The loan period for books is six to eight weeks.

Library of Congress limits the amount of equipment each individual patron is allowed to have as one (1) of each format available, except in certain circumstances. Patrons are required to return any additional equipment.

You must borrow at least one book or magazine a year from the Library, either physically or downloaded from BARD, to retain the use of borrowed equipment and/or remain active for service. Materials received from sources other than the Library do not qualify for continuance of service.

All patrons receive the Library's newsletter, SeeNote. This newsletter is available in Large Print, Braille or Email. You will automatically receive the large print version of the newsletter, unless you have indicated otherwise on your application. If you would prefer a different format, please contact the library to change this.

Orbit iBill Currency Reader - The Federal Bureau of Engraving and Printing is distributing the Orbit iBill Currency Reader to blind and visually impaired individuals. The iBill Currency Reader recognizes all U.S. bills in circulation, $1 - $100. The reader is roughly half the size of a smart phone. The corner of the bill is fitted into a slot on the reader, where it is scanned. Within seconds the denomination is announced. The denomination announcement can be set to verbal or tonal, depending on user preference. The application to request an iBill reader is available from one of the following websites: http://loc.gov/nls/other/currencyreader/index.html or http://www.moneyfactory.gov/uscurrencyreaderform.html. You may also call the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to request an application. The phone number is: 1-844-815-9388.

NFB-NEWSLINE®Available to Utah patrons only - provided through the National Federation for the Blind (NFB), the Newsline service offers access to over 300 daily newspapers and 22 magazines, including the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret Morning News. Using a touch-tone phone, patrons dial a toll-free number to access the Newsline system, entry their ID number and secruity code to access the menu of newspapers and articles. Utah patrons may call the Library to sign up for this service, or apply online at: https://nfb.org/audio-newspaper-service.

Braille and Audio Reading Download – BARD has thousands of digital audio and Braille books and magazines.
To download books from BARD you will need:
• A high-speed Internet connection
• An e-mail address
• Knowledge of navigating the Web, filling out online forms, downloading large items and unzipping files.
Apply online at: https://nlsbard.loc.gov

There is also a BARD app available from your Mac mobile device (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Android devices. The BARD mobile app can be downloaded from iTunes (Mac) and Google Play (Android) after you are registered for BARD. The app is easy to use and provides access to thousands of audio and Braille book titles. If you are interested in the app, contact the Library.

KLAS allows you to search for, and order books in Braille, audio books and large print directly from the Library. LDS books and children’s books can also be found in the KLAS Catalog. Call or email the Library to sign up to order books online.

USL's locally produced audio books are downloadable via the SHELF link located in our online KLAS catalog. The books are downloaded from SHELF the same way you would download BARD books. Call or email the Library to sign up to use the SHELF site.

USL’s  Reader Advisors can help with:

The Utah State Library Division provides books, magazines and equipment to Alaska residents. Applications for service are handled by teh Alaska Talking Book Center. To apply for library services, please contact Alaska at 1-888-820-4525 or email tbc@alaska.gov. Applications and other information on services are found on their websites at http://talkingbooks.alaska.gov.

The Utah State Library Division provides books and magazines to Wyoming residents. Applications for service and equipment are handled by the Wyoming offices of Vision Outreach Services.

To apply for services, or if your equipment needs repair, please contact one of these offices:

Northwest Region (Big Horm, Hot Springs, Park, Washakie counties)
1201 E 7th Street
Powell, WY 82435
Phone: (307) 754-2147

Northeast Region (Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Sheridan, Weston counties)
2161 Coffeen Ave, Ste. #603
Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone: (307) 672-6129

West Central Region (Fremont, Lincoln, Sublette, Teton, Uinta counties)
320 W Main
Riverton, WY 82501
Phone: (307) 857-9268

Central Region (Converse, Natrona, Niobrara counties)
539 S Payne
Casper, WY 82609
Phone: (307) 265-8818

Southwest Region (Albany, Carbon, Sweetwater counties)
215 W Buffalo St. Rm. #325
Rawlins, WY 82301
Phone: (307) 324-5333

Southeast Region (Goshen, Laramie, Platte counties)
2300 Capital Ave. Rm. #144
Cheyenne, WY 82202
Phone: (307) 777-7274

Library service at USL is provided through a combination of federal and state tax dollars. Some USL patrons have asked if they can make donations. A donation is optional but USL does accept donated funds. They are typically used for special projects and equipment.

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