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See Note Newsletter

Summer 2018

This newsletter is available in Braille, or via email by contacting the library.

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See Note
Summer 2018
Newsletter of the Utah State Library for the Blind and Disabled

Pioneer Day Holiday
Please note that the Library will be closed on Tuesday, July 24th for
Pioneer Day, a holiday in the State of Utah.

Patron Survey
We’ve included a pull out survey in this newsletter, and would like to get your feedback. We want to know how you feel about our library service and the books we send to you. There are six questions to answer as well as a section for you to write in comments.

If you would like to give us your feedback, you may call the library and we will take down your responses. Thank you.

Recommendations for the Local Book Collection
Do you have a favorite local interest book or author that is not currently available as an audio book? We would like your recommendations for books to add to our local collection. Please contact us with your suggestions. The guidelines are:

 - The authors are local, from or living in Utah, Alaska, or Wyoming
- The subject of the book is about Utah, Alaska, or Wyoming

If the printed book is unavailable, we will not be able to record it. Once recorded, all books will be available in digital cartridge format and as downloads via the SHELF site in our online catalog. Please note that we do not record diaries, journals, genealogies, or other personal material.

Computers in the Library
We have two computer stations in the library for patrons to use during our business hours. One of the computers has JAWS screen reading software and a refreshable braille display, and the other computer has ZoomText screen magnification software. Both computers have internet connectivity and are available to use throughout the day. Please contact us for more information.

Unrated Audio Books
The National Library Service has added a large number of commercially recorded audio book titles to the collection over the past couple of years to give patrons additional reading options more quickly. Many of the commercially recorded audio books have not yet been reviewed and rated for descriptions of violence, strong language, or sexual content. If you do not wish to receive unrated books, we are able to add a subject exclusion to your reading profile. Please note that some best sellers may not be rated, and the exclusion will prevent us from sending them. Please contact us if you would like us to apply this exclusion to your account.

BARD Accounts
The National Library Service is inactivating all patron BARD accounts that have had no download activity for a year. This is being done to improve the security of the BARD site. If you have registered for BARD and have not used your account for over a year, you will need to contact us to have your account reactivated and your password reset. If you do not have a BARD account and would like more information, please contact us.

Helpful Voice Mail Information
If you would like to order books outside of our normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm mountain time, you may leave your or-der on our voicemail. Please keep background noise as minimal as possible. Leave your 5-digit patron number if you know it and spell your last name slowly. Please state book numbers or titles clearly.

Volunteer Spotlight
Our awesome volunteer is Sharon Soutter! Sharon has been an amazing and dedicated volunteer reader for many years. She began reading the newspaper with the Radio Reading Service, and a few months after the service was discontinued, we asked her to come in and record books, which she absolutely loves. Sharon has been passionate about reading her entire life, and having the ability to read any book she wants is a great blessing. She said others do so much for her every day and recording books for patrons allows her the chance to pay it forward, even just a little bit. Sharon has worked at Primary Children’s Hospital for the past 30 years and loves it there! Currently she is the Nurse Educator and Infection Control Nurse for the Outpatient Clinics. She enjoys doing just about any outdoor activity, but hiking and snorkeling are two favorites. Other
passions are cooking (especially Italian food), baking, remodeling her house and yard, and teaching. Sharon’s favorite book genres are mystery, historical fiction and non-fiction. Thank you Sharon for your service!

Early Braille Literacy Packets
We have developed an early braille literacy packet as a way to get blind and visually impaired preschool and early elementary aged children using braille. Each packet has a local theme, with a packet for Utah patrons, a packet for Alaska patrons and a packet for Wyoming patrons. Each of the packets have braille and large print coloring pages of images that represent their state. We’ve also tucked in a list of braille/print picture books written by authors or illustrated by artists from that state. Each packet contains alphabet cards with the letters in large print and braille, and simple word games. Please contact the library to request a packet.

Grocery Delivery Service
Walmart is now offering an online grocery delivery service to the Salt Lake, Taylorsville, South Jordan, West Jordan, West Valley and Riverton areas. The online grocery delivery is an extension of the curb-side pickup service. No subscription is required, but there is a $9.95 fee for delivery. For a limited time, Walmart is offering free delivery to anyone that wants to try the service. Use the code FRESHCAR on any $50 minimum order.

Book Discussion
Our next book discussion will take place on Tuesday, September 11 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. We will discuss the book, Thunder Dog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero. By Michael Hingson. The digital book number is DB073300. Braille is BR019434.

The synopsis of the book is:
In September 2001, Michael Hingson was a sales manager for a company that provided data protection and computer network security systems. He worked on the 78th floor in the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. Michael was at work the morning of September 11, along with his guide dog, Roselle, when American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower. Michael, who is blind, heard the loud boom of the plane hitting the tower. Glass shattered and debris fell around him as the building shook and swayed from the impact. People were panicked and afraid, uncertain about what had happened - and what to do. Roselle was calm, and her calmness settled Michael too. Michael knew they needed to get out of the building. Somehow, in the chaos surrounding them, Roselle remained unruffled and focused as she and Michael began their incredible journey down the stairway and out of the building to safety.

Please join us to discuss this fantastic book. Our book club meets via
conference call. The phone number to call to join the discussion is 1-877-820-7831. The passcode is 331626. Please contact Reader’s Advisor Paula Stuart for a copy of the book to read or for more information about the book discussion.


Local Authors - Booklist

The unique culture of Utah has influenced our local authors in many ways. We are featuring a few, and hope you enjoy reading our picks.
DB and DBU=Audio and BRU=Braille

DBU02042, BRU06590 The Bishop’s Horse Race - Blaine Yorgason. The story of an unusual horse race, plural marriage, and first love as experienced by a bishop’s son in 1888 Utah Territory.

DB061469 The Sunflower - Richard Paul Evans. Christine Hollister is jilted a week before her wedding. She needs a life change, so signs up for a humanitarian mission to Peru’s El Girasol (Sunflower) Orphanage. There she meets Dr. Paul Cook, also recovering from heartbreak.

DBU02727 Dark Angel - Robert Kirby. Told from the perspective of an 11 year old girl living in 1869 Utah Territory. A stranger, a dark angel saves her and her sister from danger at the hands of army deserters. The good deed leads to the dark angel’s redemption and re-assimilation into society. Some strong language.

DBU01081 A Voice in the Wilderness: Conversations with Terry Tempest Williams - Terry Tempest Williams. Features 16 interviews from 1991-2005 with the author and environmentalist about family, art, politics, wildlife, wilderness, heritage, religion and other topics.

DB013297 Papa Married a Mormon - John D. Fitzgerald. The cheerful reminiscences of John D. Fitzgerald, raised in a small Utah town during the early 1900’s. His father was Catholic and his mother, Latter-day Saint, and together they created a happy, loving home for their children.

DBU03184 Painting on the Pond - Sharon L. Koho. David Young is an artist living and working in the Pacific Northwest. A haunting legend, a woman’s disappearance, and unsettling dreams draw him into adventure in Alaska’s wilderness.

DBU02431 Quicksand and Cactus: a memoir of the southern
Mormon frontier - Juanita Brooks. Noted Utah historian, Juanita Brooks describes life in St. George and the surrounding areas in the early 1900’s.

DB075926 Tuesday’s at the Castle - Jessica Day George. Princess Celie lives in Glower Castle, and on Tuesday, the castle changes itself by adding towers, stairs, or by moving secret passages. Tragedy strikes, and Celie and Glower Castle develop a partnership to protect the kingdom.


If you have questions or wish to order by phone, please call: Local: (801) 715-6789; Utah toll free: (800) 662-5540; Out of State toll free: (800) 453-4293 or email the library at blind@utah.gov

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