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Magazines in Braille

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A list of Magazines in Braille is available in Braille by contacting the library.

Current issues of these periodicals in Braille are available free through the library. "Direct mail" magazines are mailed directly to patrons by the producers and need not be returned. "On loan" magazines have an address card that can be turned over. Please return these to the library.

Please call, or e-mail the library at blind@utah.gov with your magazine requests. For a complete listing of magazines available, including those available on a paid subscription basis, request a Braille or large type edition of Magazines in Special Media.

Braille magazines are available to all patrons of the Utah State Library for the Blind living in the states listed below. Patrons from the these states should order magazines produced by the National Library Service (NLS) through their local library. The letters (NLS) follow the descriptions of these magazines.

Patrons from these states should order from Utah those magazines available from other organizations. The word (Utah) follows the description of these magazines.

Patrons of other libraries for the blind in the United States should contact their local regional library to determine which magazines are available.

States that contract with the Utah State Library for the Blind & Disabled
Alabama Alaska Arizona
Georgia Idaho Illinois
Kansas Louisiana Mississippi
Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Mexico North Dakota Oklahoma
Oregon South Carolina South Dakota
Wisconsin Wyoming  

NOTE: All braille magazines produced by NLS can also be downloaded through BARD.

Magazines available in Braille:

Boy's Life. (monthly, direct mail) Published by the Boy Scouts of America. Articles on the outdoors, sports, and hobbies, with adventure fiction and jokes for young men ages nine to sixteen. (NLS)
Braille Book Review. (bimonthly, direct mail) Describes new Braille books added to the National Library Service collection; news in library service for the blind; contains one-line annotations from Talking Book Topics and a Braille order form. (NLS)
Braille Chess Magazine. (quarterly, direct mail) A British publication on current trends and competitions in chess. (NLS)
Braille Music Magazine. (monthly, direct mail) British magazine of selected articles on a variety of musical subjects. (NLS)
Catholic Review. (bimonthly, direct mail) Articles from Catholic periodicals produced by the Xavier Society for the Blind. (Utah)
Children's Friend. (monthly, direct mail) Interdenominational stories and articles for children from Christian Record Braille Foundation. (Utah)
Christian Record. (quarterly, direct mail) Devotional and inspirational articles from the Christian Record Braille Foundation. Sponsored by the Seventh Day Adventists. (Utah)
Conundrum. (monthly, direct mail) Crossword and logic puzzles, anagrams, word searches, and general-knowledge quizzes. (NLS)
Cooking Light. (11 issues/year, direct mail) Brief articles cover a wide variety of topics from foods and nutrition to fitness, health, and exercise. Also includes a wide range of recipes. (NLS)
Daily Word. (monthly, direct mail) Daily devotional readings and other articles from Unity School of Christianity. (Utah)
ESPN. (biweekly, direct mail) This sports magazine containing articles on all spectator sports, is produced by the TV sports network. (NLS)
Forward Day By Day. (quarterly, direct mail) Daily devotions from Forward Movement Publications. (Utah)
The Friend. (monthly, direct mail) Children's magazine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Utah)
Harper's. (monthly, direct mail) General culture magazine with articles by well-known writers on politics, foreign affairs, education, and science; includes stories, satire, and poetry. (NLS)
Health Newsletters. (monthly, direct mail) Current health concerns, medical information, nutrition, and stress management from Harvard Health Letter, Mayo Clinic Health Letter, and University of California Berkeley Wellness Letter (NLS).
Hot-Line To Deaf-Blind. (weekly, direct mail) Current events and world news for the deaf-blind. (Utah)
Jewish Braille Review. (10 issues / year, direct mail) Articles on Jewish and non-Jewish culture and literature, written on a scholarly level from the Jewish Braille Institute. (Utah)
Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine. (monthly, direct mail) General interest articles on managing finances, including taxes, investment options, real estate, insurance, and retirement planning. (NLS)
Ladies Home Journal. (11 issues/year, direct mail) Articles and fiction intended for women. Includes household hints, recipes, and ideas on fashion and beauty. (NLS)
Lutheran Messenger for the Blind. (monthly, direct mail) Christian literature from Lutheran Library for the Blind. (Utah)
Martha Stewart Living. (monthly, direct mail) Recipes, gardening, crafts, collectibles, reminiscence, home keeping, and home entertaining. (NLS)
Muse. (9 issues/year, direct mail) Science, art, archaeology, and history activities for ages 6-14; includes contests and book and media reviews. (NLS)
The Musical Mainstream. (quarterly, direct mail) Selected reprints from national music periodicals and original articles. Listings of materials added to the Library of Congress music collection for the blind and physically handicapped. (NLS)
Nat-Cent/News. (3 issues / year, direct mail) Newsletter of the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf Blind Youth. (Utah)
National Geographic. (monthly, direct mail) Articles on world geography and cultures. Includes features on expeditions, plant and animal life, space exploration, and ancient history. (NLS)
New Era. (monthly, direct mail) The magazine for young adults produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. (Utah)
New York Times Book Review. (weekly, direct mail) Literary articles and book reviews from the Sunday New York Times. (NLS)
New York Times Large Type Weekly. (weekly, direct mail) Excerpts from the Sunday edition of the Times "Week in Review". (NLS)
News (NLS Newsletter). (quarterly, direct mail) National and International developments in library services to blind and physcially handicapped individuals. (NLS)
Parenting: Early Years. (11 issues/year, direct mail) Articles on child rearing from infancy through the beginning of school. (NLS)
Parenting: School Years. (11 issues/year, direct mail) Atricles on child rearing during elementary and secondary school years. (NLS)
PC World. (monthly, direct mail) Information for computer users about hardware, software, advanced technology, and trends in the field; columns on product reviews and helpful hints. (NLS)
Playboy. (11 issues/year, direct mail) Features interviews with newsmakers, contemporary fiction, humor, and movie and product reviews. (NLS)
Poetry. (11 issues/year, direct mail) Collection of contemporary poetry by various writers. (NLS)
Popular Mechanics. (monthly, direct mail) Practical advice for the handyman. Information on automotive and home repairs with features on new equipment. (NLS)
Popular Music Lead Sheets. (irregular, direct mail) Melodies, lyrics, and chords to popular songs ranging from golden oldies to recent hits. (NLS)
Reader's Digest. (monthly, direct mail) Short articles, profiles, opinion pieces, political commentary, and other general interest topics. Some articles are condensed from other print magazines. Also contains anecdotes and humor. (Utah)
Rolling Stone. (biweekly, direct mail) American popular culture in the arts and entertainment industry; record, video, audiovisual, and computer hardware reviews. (NLS)
Science News. (biweekly, direct mail) Short reports on current programs in science, medicine, and technology. (NLS)
See Note Newsletter. (irregular, direct mail) Quarterly newsletter of the Utah Library for the Blind and Disabled. (Utah)
Seventeen. (10 issues/year, direct mail) For fashion oriented young women ages 13 to 19. Articles on beauty, diet, current mores, careers, education, and family relations. (NLS)
Short Stories. (monthly, direct mail) British magazine of stories from contemporary writers. (NLS)
Spider, the Magazine for Children. (9 issues/year, direct mail) Stories, poems, jokes, and crafts for beginning readers, ages 6-9. (NLS)
Stone Soup: for Young Writers and Artists. (6 issues/year, direct mail) Stories, poems, illustrations, and book reviews created by children through age 13. Features an activities section with suggested related projects. (NLS)
Student. (monthly, direct mail) Daily Bible study from the Christian Record Braille Foundation. Sponsored by the Seventh Day Adventists. (Utah)
Update: NLS Newsletter. (quarterly, direct mail) News about volunteer programs and activities related to library services for the blind and physically handicapped individuals.
Upper Room. (bimonthly, direct mail) Daily devotions which are interdenominational. Includes meditation, scripture references, and thoughts for each day. Sponsored by United Methodist Church. (Utah)
We Would See Jesus. (monthly, direct mail) Selected reprints from Christian periodicals. Sponsored by the International Christian Braille Mission. (Utah)

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